BTN-Facebook Data

Facts- Some people are addicted to social media and can’t stop but while their busy getting likes and comments on their posts, there are people working behind the scenes. These people collect information off you, and if you’ve got social media it’s likely they’ve got stuff about you too. They can work out things like where you live, your education and your friends and start to create a map, of what your likely to be like. And a lot of sites like facebook target specific ads at you. But now Christopher Wylie claims that a big US research company he used to work for called cambridge analytica collected some data inappropriately and used that data to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. Here’s how it happened. You know those quizzes you can do online? Like, what personality type do you have? They’re usually fun, but often, before you do them, you have to agree to share some of your personal information. And that’s where the trouble started Christopher says in 2014, Cambridge Analytica took information from people who did one of those quizzes and all their friends and used it to targets ads that were advertising Donald Trump and they might have helped him win the 2016 US election, and become president.  There are even more accusations now that data from Facebook might also have been used to tamper the result of the Brexit vote, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. When this news came out people weren’t happy. In fact, for many, it was a scandal big enough to make them log off for good. The hashtag Delete Facebook started trending and on the stock market the value of the company took a tumble.

Understandings- I know understand that a lot of stuff online and pop ups are to sway you into things and get the most information possible out of you.

Questions- How come it was only discovered now that Cambridge Analytica was doing this?

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Goals check in

What I want to learn:

I want to learn about how the Australian government democracy and how decisions are made and how they affect our country, as well as different levels of parliament. ( I think I’ve achieved my Parliament goal because I’ve been following and looking at BTN’s and looking at books. I feel confident in different areas and answering question and giving understandings).

I would like to be more open to more types of books and not be so fussy. (I don’t think I’ve achieved being not fussy around books. Because I’ve found it hard finding fiction books and have been looking but had no success. I think I could achieve this by reading books that I don’t like because it good to read different types of books).

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Australian government

  1. Ask my parents about things they know about the government.
  2. Watch different BTN videos about how it works.


  1. Look and ask for recommendations.
  2. Go to the library and look genres I might like to read.


How I learn and behave:

I want to be able to use OneNote more often during classes, so I can look back at home. ( I think I’ve kind of achieved this goal, we used it alot and it was helpful when I needed to look back and it was efficient, except I didn’t really look back at home only sometimes, I think the reason I didn’t look back at home was because I didn’t need to).

I want to ask more questions during class. (I don’t really think I achieved this goal I forgot about it. I don’t really want to achieve this goal anymore because I think I don’t need to ask questions because I think i should only really ask questions if I need to). 


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  1. Take more notes on it daily at least 3 lessons a week.
  2. Only taking key notes and add pictures to understand more.


  1. At least ask 2 question a day.


Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

We’ve been learning about Australian Democracy and my infographic was about the Three Branches of Parliament. Some of the infographic features are icons and pictures. I also added in titles, subtitles, paragraphs and a bibliography. I feel like I achieved putting my information in a logical order and it’s arranged in the best order.

BTN- History of Voting


Facts- Green

Blue- Questions

Red- Understanding


Facts- Voting hasn’t always been the same through Australian history. In the early 1800’s women couldn’t vote because people thought they were too emotional and not educated enough about politics to get a say. That’s why in the late 1800’s women started demanding change and respect. These people were known as the suffragettes, and suffrage means to be able to vote about politics that represent you. Suffragettes debated, wrote articles and petitions, protested and even went to jail for wanting rights. Crazy isn’t it. But in the end the women got what they wanted in 1902. Australia was the first official country to let women vote in federal elections and get to be voted into  Federal Parliament. But it still took another 2 decades for all the other states to follow on. Even if women were aloud to vote Indigenous Australians still weren’t permitted to vote. And finally in 1949 Indigenous Australians were aloud to vote in the federal elections.But then again only to the citizens who were in the army. It took another 13 years until all Indigenous Australians were aloud to vote in federal elections. Now days your aloud to vote when your 18, and not until 1973 were you aloud to vote unless you were 21 years or older. And Australia is one of heep of countries were you actually have to vote if you don’t it’s illegal and you get fined a small amount and it’s been that way since 1924.

Understanding- I know understand more about how things have changed in the time and how it’s affected different people.

Question- Are aboriginals aloud to be in Parliament and are there any aboriginals in any Parties?


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100 word challenge- but how did he/she get up there?

Prompt- … but how did he/she get up there?…

Okay I’m not sure if you’ve been to America, but have you seen Mount Rushmore. It’s an a amazing sight,the rock formations and delicate fine touches just so intricate. But how did he or they get up there to do this, I just can’t imagine how hard it would be to actually achieve this perfection. It seems impossible that they actually did this and just why did they decide to do it in this place. But imagine being up their carving the heads of past American Presidents and then dangling of ropes holding you up. But this is truly a sight to behold.


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BTN-High Court

Click for the BTN

Facts- green


Blue questions

So imagine playing a game of cards and if you lose there’s embarrassment from your friends. You put down your cards that you know can’t fail, absolutely nothing can stop those cards and you get defeated. And in a flash your out of the game and your friends are laughing. Now it’s not that bad if you lose in this but the government are playing a game of cards with high stakes. In Australia asylum seekers has been a big issue for many years. Politics have been playing their own game of card hoping to come with the best winning solution. Early in 2011 the government laid a hand of cards on the table. Australia’s Government offered to take 4000 refugees from Malaysia if Malaysia promised to take 800 asylum seekers in return. Australia thought they had the winning hand this time until the dealer had stepped in. The dealer in real life in politics is a place called High Court. The High Court is the most powerful court in Australia its power is above all the state and territory courts, even the high federal courts. In High Court 7 judges play a part of the dealer, they decide on important issues to our country. They’ve ruled cases involving the stolen generations, workplace law and Indigenous native land title. They do this by evaluating on the Australian law, and making judgements on what it says. Once their rule is made it’s final. In the Malaysia case 6-1 judges thought that this was illegal, which means that the government was actually trying to do something illegal. In the end the deal had to be called off, so the government lost this game. Julia’s still not quite out, because there’s still one play if she returns. The dealer threw her out if the game because the hand she threw broke the rules. If the rules changed her cards would be legal.                                

I know understand how governments kind of like a game, you put down your cards but then the High courts need and evaluate the law and make judgements. And their rule is final, and to succeed it needs to be legal.


What other positions are there in High court?

How long did it take for the court do find this trade was illegal?


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100 Word challenge-Memorie cup

My goal is to be able to use correct punctuation.

For all who bear come round the cup come entwined with it words, for you hear all the trapped souls in your head telling you the way leading you through the path. Your mind stopping, not thinking as your thoughts get stuck in the cup. When it’s up straight your thoughts are the memories stuck inside the tea stirring. No one knows where it goes, it stay’s for a while and leaves but what does it do. Tales are told that the cup belongs to giant and each night he grabs the unlucky people who stumble upon the cup.

100 word challenge-….But what if i was in charge….

Prompt- ….But what if I was in charge….

My goal is to use 100 words exactly.

Are you guys sick and tired of being bossed around by teachers. It’s like brainwashing a child’s mind the teachers teach. We’re told by our teachers to learn a particular the way the way we’re meant to be taught. But why aren’t we all brainwashed the same way, wow can’t people just make up their mind on how we’re meant to be taught. It’s really not that hard and every few years we’re changing it up again. But what if I was in charge, I’d teach but make it fun. It’s just not right, we should choose how we learn.


SRC Speech

Hi peers of 5/6C!

I’ve been at MPPS since prep and have been SRC once in grade 2 and green team once in year 5.
I have my sister Amira and my twin brothers Ram and Ishwar.

Here are some reasons why I want to be your 2018 SRC rep.

One thing that I’m proud of and that has made me a better person and have been doing my fundraisers for AMF (Against malaria foundation) and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Altogether I’ve raised about 1000 dollars. Those things made me think more about other people and their situations in life. I love helping and setting up fundraisers with other people and I know I’m helping others which makes me even more happy.

SRC reps need to show the school values – ROCC.
R – I’ve shown respect to other people by listening to them and giving input to their ideas and letting them speak while showing attentive listening.
O – I show optimism by always trying my best and putting in 110% into it. Even when I’m down I still try my very best.
C – I show collaboration by being open to new people and different learning areas.
C – I show care to others by helping and being supportive.
I show ROCC values at school, with friends, at my tennis club and as a Cub Scout sixer who leads a group.

I’m motivated, reliable and driven as a student.  Teachers have always asked me to do jobs and help them out, lending a hand to others. An example was when the 3/4 teachers asked me to lead an assembly and ask everyone questions.

I like listening to other people’s interests, and this will be a great chance to listen to your ideas and what topics for fundraisers you think are important. Some of my ideas are helping kids in poverty and writing letters to kid in hospitals to cheer them up. I also like the organisation Seva which helps kids who are blind or who have problems with sight. 90% of those kids are in developing countries.

I’m always motivated to keep going and get the job done. My motivation is to know that I’m helping out and that I’m part of something. At Cub Scouts I needed to be a fair listener, it was a big thing and to get everyone’s ideas, work as a team and remain fair. For example we once did a handy craft activity and I made sure that everyone had their own individual job, like painting or screwing.

When running clubs I’ll be responsible, respectful and always be there on time. It is important to act mature and be a good role model to all the younger students. They copy what we do and I want to role model positive behaviour. I’m never afraid to speak up and share my ideas with the group.  I will always put SRC meeting first, before socialising and will be consistent when coming.

And last but not least you need to be able to do public speaking, I feel as though I am confident with public speaking. For example in debates last year I loved it and it involved a lot of speaking – I ended up doing 5 debates instead of 2! Although, I think SRC will help me develop my public speaking skills more, helping me to slow down and be more confident.

I hope you see why I’d make a good SRC rep J

BTN-Levels of Government

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Green- facts

Red- understandings

Blue- question


There are 3 different types of government. Federal, state/ territory and local, each of these groups take care of different things and have different powers and control. The highest is federal government which takes care of all of Australia, and it has the most control. Federal takes care of money/ taxes, communications, environment, trade, and defence against Australia. State/ Territory is in control of the states and territories. It looks after between states health, education, mining and agriculture. They also take care of defence forces like police and hospitals.They also help out with roads, trains and public transport. Then there’s local which doesn’t have much power, but is within council districts. In Australia there’s more than 500 hundred local governments. Local takes care of local roads, garbage, pet control and building permits. Before 3 levels of government, each state was separated and had their own control. But in 1901 the states federated and united the colonies to the Commonwealth of Australia and with that the states passed many of their powers to the new federal government. But as the population grew, state governments found it hard to manage all of the responsibilities they still had. So in the 1970s local governments became popular, they were given money and their own powers. That’s why they have rules about who runs what, and if they disagree then federal overrules state and state overrules local.

I know understand the different responsibilities that each level has.

I understand how we federated and how it changed the way we run.


If there were any more levels of government what would they be?

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