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BTN-Slam Poetry

BTN-Slam Poetry

13 year old Sollie Raphael is an Australian slam poet. He wrote his first poem when he was about 9 and has been writing since he can remember. He always liked writing things like little books and comics. When he started writing poems he found it a little bit hard to make it rhyme and fit into the structures. With poems they have a specific structure you need to follow as well as an emotion you should try and make the reader feel. With slam poetry you can use any topic you like, any structure, any form, so slow and fast verses, any stanzas.

How come they have competitions for slam poetry?

Where did slam poetry come from?

I learnt that slam poetry gives the writer a lot of option when writing. And it can vary between how it’s written.

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

I wasn’t looking forward to my first day to work. First impressions are everything especially when you work in a fashion career. Multitasking isn’t a strong suit of mine. As I was juggling to eat my cereal, one of my shoes on my head and my hair looking like a gorilla’s I running to keep my job. Pretty was the opposite of  how I ever looked. I stared at the bricks on each building trying to find my work. After what seemed like eternity I walked into work and slowed down. Trying to avoid everyone’s eyes wasn’t easy especially with my bright yellow dress.

Our solar system our home in space

Our solar system our home in space

This video was about our place in our solar system. The sun is in the centre of our universe on one side there is terrestrial planet mars, earth, venus and mercury and on the other side is the gas giant planets jupiter, saturn, neptune and uranus.

Facts about the planets

Mercury is the smallest planet but not as small as pluto which is know classified as a dwarf planet.

Mars has two small moons circling around it and has the tallest mountain in the solar system Olympus mons it’s almost 3 times as tall mount everest.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with 67 moons. It has many storm it’s largest the great red spot three times of the size of earth.

Saturn has a very visible ring system with 62 moons.

Uranus has 27 moons and is the coldest.

Because Neptune is so far away from the sun it’s year is 164 earth years.



How do we get information about other planets if we don’t have rovers or humans there?

How do they classify planets as dwarf planets?

Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

We’ve been learning about Australian Democracy and my infographic was about the Three Branches of Parliament. Some of the infographic features are icons and pictures. I also added in titles, subtitles, paragraphs and a bibliography. I feel like I achieved putting my information in a logical order and it’s arranged in the best order.

SRC Speech

SRC Speech

Hi peers of 5/6C!

I’ve been at MPPS since prep and have been SRC once in grade 2 and green team once in year 5.
I have my sister Amira and my twin brothers Ram and Ishwar.

Here are some reasons why I want to be your 2018 SRC rep.

One thing that I’m proud of and that has made me a better person and have been doing my fundraisers for AMF (Against malaria foundation) and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Altogether I’ve raised about 1000 dollars. Those things made me think more about other people and their situations in life. I love helping and setting up fundraisers with other people and I know I’m helping others which makes me even more happy.

SRC reps need to show the school values – ROCC.
R – I’ve shown respect to other people by listening to them and giving input to their ideas and letting them speak while showing attentive listening.
O – I show optimism by always trying my best and putting in 110% into it. Even when I’m down I still try my very best.
C – I show collaboration by being open to new people and different learning areas.
C – I show care to others by helping and being supportive.
I show ROCC values at school, with friends, at my tennis club and as a Cub Scout sixer who leads a group.

I’m motivated, reliable and driven as a student.  Teachers have always asked me to do jobs and help them out, lending a hand to others. An example was when the 3/4 teachers asked me to lead an assembly and ask everyone questions.

I like listening to other people’s interests, and this will be a great chance to listen to your ideas and what topics for fundraisers you think are important. Some of my ideas are helping kids in poverty and writing letters to kid in hospitals to cheer them up. I also like the organisation Seva which helps kids who are blind or who have problems with sight. 90% of those kids are in developing countries.

I’m always motivated to keep going and get the job done. My motivation is to know that I’m helping out and that I’m part of something. At Cub Scouts I needed to be a fair listener, it was a big thing and to get everyone’s ideas, work as a team and remain fair. For example we once did a handy craft activity and I made sure that everyone had their own individual job, like painting or screwing.

When running clubs I’ll be responsible, respectful and always be there on time. It is important to act mature and be a good role model to all the younger students. They copy what we do and I want to role model positive behaviour. I’m never afraid to speak up and share my ideas with the group.  I will always put SRC meeting first, before socialising and will be consistent when coming.

And last but not least you need to be able to do public speaking, I feel as though I am confident with public speaking. For example in debates last year I loved it and it involved a lot of speaking – I ended up doing 5 debates instead of 2! Although, I think SRC will help me develop my public speaking skills more, helping me to slow down and be more confident.

I hope you see why I’d make a good SRC rep J

Letter to Ant

Letter to Ant

Dear Ant and everybody else,

First lot of things I want to say is I’m excited to be in year 6 this year, and I want to enjoy my last year of primary school with my wonderful class, friends and my support from my teacher.

Favourite things are

My names Aaliyah so some of the things I like and I’m interested in are tennis (I play competition and do lessons), my teams is maribyrnong park, I love sports in general, listening to music, writing and drawing. I love my family and they’re very supportive of me and help me get through school. My friends are the best and are awesome, when I was younger in kinder to grade 3 I only played with boys, until I met an awesome group of girls. Then my best friend left me, but she might be coming for high school where I’m going. I also love playing my musical instrument I played the cello for two 3 years but I changed to saxophone this year. I love watching movies, and one I watched recently was wonder. And I’m not girly girly like other girls.

What is my family like?

In my family I have my mum Clare, my dad Vikas, my twin brothers Ishwar and Ram and my sister Amira. My brothers are only twenty minutes apart and are always getting into trouble with their friends. They’re in grade 2 this year and are always hooked up to computers or anything technology based and went to code camp last spring holidays. They love the computer so much I bet you when there older they’ll be doing something based on tech as their job. And their always hanging out together. Know my sister on the other hand isn’t a girly girl but is sort of. She loves playing most sports. She’s one of those quirky acting girls. She also plays tennis like me and plays competition but in a lower grade then me. Amira loves listening to her music on her headphones and always starts dancing in the backyard and in our room. And one thing I have to say is as the middle child it means that she gets jealous all the time. Know my parents, my Mom Clare works as a manager at a gym, she’s the same age as my dad and has got 2 siblings. And right now she doing an MBA. My Dad Vikas is Indian, and he’s going to India for 3-6months for work. And he’s always picking us up from school and we always visit his parents all the time. And his dad (my grandpa) can do cartwheels proper ones. In India there house is three stories and when I came out of the airport I vomited after seeing a cow. My English grandma lives in Trentham and was the president of the garden club, my cousin Neallah is half French an also live lives in Trentham when we see our grandma we sleepover at our cousins and see kangaroos on the road and wild birds. Our uncle lives in Yea where my grandma lived as a child and they owned so many animals. With a dog curly who I thought was a horse when I was younger, but died a few years ago.

Something to share

Some of you may know this in grade 3 and grade 5 I did fundraisers. So for my 9th birthday I did a fundraisers for the royal children’s hospital, and had my birthday at the awesome park next door and instead of presents asked for money. I raised 350 dollars. And in grade 5 I raised money for the against malaria foundation for mosquito nets. I made origami rainbow flowers décor. And I raised about 5-6 hundred dollars.

What did you do in the holidays?

In the holidays at the start I went to my English grandma’s house and spent a few nights up there and spent Christmas there with my family. My mom got tonsillitis and we had to stay an extra night because she couldn’t drive home. 1 Week later we went to the Mornington peninsula and stayed with one of my mums old friends, and went to beach and saw jellyfish. Then after that we went to Hastings where we saw my one of my uncles my aunty and my little cousin Eva who’s very bouncy and bubbling. She’s always energized. She has a toy car and a doctor toy bag, where she used the tools as equipment to fix the car. We slept in tents there. And went along the beach where Ram started singing to the sea. 1 Week after that we saw them again in Yea where my great aunt lives, we were celebrating her 76th birthday and her selling her house after 50 years. Yea is a really nice little town with lots to explore. There was so much family at the party, to be honest I didn’t even know some of them were family. I made friend with my cousin Rosie who’s 13. I told you guys that Eva sat on my head, I was lying on the ground I thought she was stepping over but it was worse, now I literally scarred for life. Other times on the holidays we watched movie like when we went to watch Wonder with my grandma and I cried 3 times, and another time we saw coco with Zedekai and his family. Me, Amira and my Mum went to the Australian open. We went early and made a plate for a donation to the food foundation and ended up getting free passes to rod laver for the day. We saw Svitolina and Siniakova and I got one of their towels they used. Then we saw Wozniacki and Fett, Wozniacki was down the first set but she came back. After that we saw Nadal and Mayer and man did Mayer have a fast serve his fasted was 208 km an hour but Nadal in the end won. We saw a bit of Zverev, and a French player on a show court. But our last match we saw went from 7:30 till 10 something it was Carla Suarez Navarro and Babos. I actually got Carla’s signature. But from week 3 to this friday we had the boy’s class turtle, bubbles who was so cute, on the really hot days we couldn’t take him outside on the grass, so we turned the bath on and put some water in and his rock, and his swam there. Other days we went on playdates or stayed home.

What do you hope to do in the Future?

I don’t really know what I want to do in the future job wise. I really have a big passion for tennis, and play competition. I’m actually the youngest in my team, and for a young age I’m doing well for how high I am. But there’s probably going to be a lot of different jobs in the future. But in the future years in high school I want to do more of my fundraisers for different organizations.

Thanks for listening, see you guys in class 😄

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BTN- Electricity flow

BTN- Electricity flow


Green- Facts

Red- Understanding

Blue- Questions


At the Charter house, in the Great chamber Stephen Gray built a wooden frame. And from the top of the beam he suspended two swings using silk rope. He created electricity. He created another machine called the Hauksbee which created static electricity. With a large audience in attendance, he got one of the orphan boys who lived here at Charterhouse to lie across the two swings. Gray placed some gold leaf in front of him. He then generated electricity and charged the boy through a connecting rod. Gold leaf, even feathers, leapt to the boy’s fingers. Some of the audience claimed they could even see sparks flying out from his fingertips. Show business indeed. But to the curious and inquiring mind of Stephen Gray this said something else as well. Electricity could move from the machine to the boy’s body through to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it dead. It meant the mysterious electrical fluid could flow through some things but not through others. t led Gray to divide the world into two different kinds of substances. He called them ‘insulators’ and ‘conductors’. Insulators held electric charge within them and wouldn’t let it move, like the silk, or hair, glass and resin, whereas conductors allowed electricity to flow through them, like the boy or metals. It’s a distinction which is still crucial even today. Just think of these electric pylons. They work on the same principle that Gray deduced nearly 300 years ago. The wires are conductors. The glass and ceramic objects between the wire and the metal of the pylon are insulators that stop the electricity leaking from the wires into the pylon and down to the earth. They’re just like the silk ropes in Gray’s experiment. This observation is crucial even today. The power lines we have today work on the same system that Gray did his experiment did on almost 300 years ago.

What was his inspiration for the experiment?

How much energy did he use?

Why would he use this opportunity to get an audience?

I know understand about why they used power lines and how their important to our daily lives. You can also see the similarities between the insulators and conductors in power lines and in Gray’s experiment.

100 word challenge- Gay marriage

100 word challenge- Gay marriage

Jake walked down the lane and James was waiting next to the priest. Everyone from both families were looking up with cheerful faces. Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, grandpas and grandmas all sitting down on the chairs looking up at both men. Both saying their vowels and the giving each other a kiss. James asked Jake what lies ahead in our future. Everyone standing up and cheering and laughing with joy. Finally Jake and James both got what they wanted. They’ve always heard people saying it’s not right for men to marry each other, but they did it.

Hi guys know I’ve got 14 different countries that have visited my blog on my original one i only allowed it to have 10 countries if you press it will show you all my countries the same with the other one. Thanks for visiting my blog.

The Haunting!

The Haunting!

You know when you watch a horror show and it’s not scary that’s what is happening now. I want to make my own prank. The perfect place is the abandoned hostel. We walked in as the lights flickered and flashed as the lights suddenly went dark. We used our lights on our phones. We saw people in the dark rushing around. Speaking words it wasn’t clear, we went into a socializing room. And ghosts of patients showed up. And they were trying to say get out, run. Then a bed with chains was rolling around and would trap the next soul.

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