Aquarium excursion- Adaptations

Adaptations-‘ living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.’

Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium, and we saw different marine life we saw fish, starfish, cuttlefish, sea dragons and my favourite was the penguins, and we talked about how they adapt in their natural habitat, what they eat and their weight and size. I’m talking about are adorable penguins, the baby ones have brown fluffy fur and a blocked by a wall to the adults, if the baby’s swim they sink because the water will absorb into it and their weight will turn against them. They have really shiny, and sparkly feathers because their rolled in oil, so water and oil don’t like each other so the water glides above them. Their feet are specially designed to walk through the snow and let them glide through the water, it very rough and tough and spiky. They also have layers of skin and fur to keep warm in their harsh environments. Their beaks are specially designed like a swordfish, it sharp and can break through fish and ice. Their skin is waterproof and keeps them adapted to the cold water so they don’t freeze. They also had their long silky wings and they looked like underwater flying birds. There are the king penguin, the emperor penguins, fairy penguins and the gentoo penguins. The website