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eSaftey Webinar

eSaftey Webinar

This morning we did a webinar about keeping our privacy and security safe. We were asked questions about how we could be safe online and then answered on a chat where school responded.

12% of Aussie kids from grades 3-6 get scammed and tricked. Usually, there are things that you buy into like you won a free iPhone or iPad click here to collect. Once you click on this usually a virus downloads onto your computer that’s why it’s important to make sure to do the correct thing. Other things are getting friend requests for video games and online chats sometimes people set up fake accounts pretending to be your friend and it downloads viruses and software.

Even simple things like if your friend got an attachment and opened it and there’s a virus it can spread to your contacts and all the other people they’ve got. Some more serious levels of scamming are for example Ransomware which locks down your computer and put encrypted code and viruses on your computer and asks you for money in a certain amount of time.

Scammers aren’t just people you don’t know they could be friends or siblings. You could tell your friend your password and after a year you might not be friends they can hack your computer and sometimes it’s just a simple joke. So you shouldn’t give personal info out.

To avoid hackers you can update security, turn off GPS, backup your data, use a firewall and you can report or block people, report content and don’t tell people your passwords you should always keep passwords strong.

And you should be very careful when using social media and when setting up accounts you should never use your full name and give information about yourself out.


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