BTN-Don’t Panic

Can you imagine being a Natural disaster, how would you react? Well, two families were put to the test and were helped by some experts, special effects and more. The first family to be put to the test is the Matthews they are facing a bushfire. The second family is facing a cyclone. Both of these recreations were to see how families react when a disaster hits them. By the look of things, the children are doing better than the parents. They reckon that they weren’t really ready and they think the same for a lot of other families. It’s important to have a plan and know it well in case of an emergency. Everyone should have a role around the house and you should practice it as a family.

I know understand that we should all have plans in case of a disaster and know it well.

Could they try more around the country with different disasters?


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BTN-Cape Town water crisis

Just to see the slightest bit of rain is enough to get people over there excited. Capetown is a city down the bottom of Africa, but for the last few years, they’ve been in a drought. But in the last few months, it’s gotten a whole lot worse. But even a little bit of water won’t help out the situation.  Authorities predict that the taps will turn off on June 4th, the call it day zero. In Australia, we’ve experienced restrictions but there’s is a whole other level. They only get 50 liters a day since February 1st. That doesn’t give you much because of stuff like laundry, dishes, and toilets all that is already 27 liters. If day zero arrives then people will have to start to walking to collection points to get 25 liters of water. The restrictions have made a difference pushing day zero further away.

I know understand the difficulty of not have water and the struggles that it causes as such a necessity.

How long till they run out of water?

Will the restrictions get tighter?

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Herald Sun- Is Africa splitting apart

Facts-There have been massive cracks in a valley in Kenya. Is Africa splitting apart? Some scientists suggest that it’s actually splitting apart. The rips are growing deeper and longer as the time passes. Scientists believe that this crack will develop over time. They think in tens of millions of years Africa will be split in half. People first saw it after very heavy rainfall in Kenya. That rainfall caused a lot of damage like flooding areas and walls collapsing. Those waters created 7km long rips in the earth, it ripped a highway open and homes and cars got pulled down. Experts say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate.

Understanding/wonder- I wonder how this will affect Africa in the future

Question- When they do split apart will they have 2 separate names?




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BTN- Hawaii Volcano 2

Facts- For the last few weeks lava has been continuously flowing on the streets. It doesn’t move fast but it destroys everything in its path. Kilauea is one of the worlds most active volcanos and it’s partly why Hawaii is here today. Hawaii is a hot spot volcano. They form over a place where rock or magma has built up under the earth’s crust. When there’s enough pressure a volcano forms but when it hits the water it cools down and becomes solid forming new islands. The hotspot will always stay in the same place but because of tectonic plates which are always moving, it pulls the islands away from the hotspot gradually. That’s why Hawaii’s group of islands look like that. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983. But this is the worst it’s been for a very long time. And more people are getting worried that as the lava drains out the volcano it’s going to get even more dangerous. Because the molten rock will heat up the water and will produce steam which could cause the mountain to explode.

Understanding- I know understand that Hawaii is a hotspot volcano where it builds up magma and when enough pressure it forms a volcano.

Question- How far have the islands moved since created?

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BTN-Hawaii Volcano

Facts- People of Hawaii been running away as the Kilauea volcano spilt lava and land fountains of toxic gases into the streets. It already destroyed 26 homes. Few people were allowed to go back and collect valuable items such as pets and medicine during hours where the volcano was not very active. But others were not allowed to travel back to their areas because it’s consumed with poisonous sulphur dioxide gases coming out of the earth. Those visits back were well timed as the night after more lava came out from fissures which are slits and holes in the earth. So far no one has died or been injured by this volcano but it had a strong magnitude of 6.9 it was the strongest earthquake since 1975.  This caused rock slide and a coastal cliff to come down collapsing. Scientists predict more earthquakes and eruptions to happen in the next few months. Most of the activity is happening in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas. Kilauea has one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has been erupting constantly for 35 years. Most of their eruptions are effusive eruptions they flow continuously but don’t explode.

Understandings- I understand the effect it has on areas, things that some volcanoes can produce and types of eruptions.

Question- How many eruptions have there been?

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BTN-Queensland Drought

Facts- A drought is where there little or no rain and it’s hard for farmers to feed animals and grow crops. It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing it’s always hot, dry and sticky out there. Angus and Lochy are 2 of many kids living in the Sunshine State. They have cattle, horses, and chooks but it’s a little harder to get to things out there like school and swimming lessons. Just imagine for us it probably only takes us 5-25 minutes to get to school and for some kids, it take’s 2 hours. Now 90% of Queensland is declared in drought, that’s the most widespread drought in the state they’ve ever recorded. Which makes things a little more complex so  Queensland state government will soon be giving farmers help until the rain comes back again.

Understandings- I know understand that it’s hard for people who live in hot weathers and their struggles. I also understand that it effects there animals and pay.

Questions- How come not much rain comes to Queensland?

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BTN-The Ring of Fire

Facts- On September 29th, 2009 at 7 am a huge group of massive ways tore through coastal villages in Samoa. Turning so many homes into rubble. Its cause was a massive earthquake on the sea floor near the coast of Samoa. The very next day another huge earthquake hit the Island of Sumatra. There about 10 000 kilometres away from each other, scientists say it’s unlikely they caused each other. There have been smaller earthquakes and disasters there in the last year. And almost 90% of earthquakes happened in that broad area, it’s called the Ring of Fire. Some of the largest earthquakes happen there like the tsunami in 2004 happened in the Ring of fire. It’s home to 3 quarters of the world’s volcanoes and some of the biggest eruptions. We live on the thin cool layer the crust but it’s not just one solid piece. It’s made of huge pieces called tectonic plates and quite a few go along the Ring of fire. Tectonic plates drift over the liquid rock and slowly over time change shape. Scientists think that millions of years ago they caused the change of the continents. But you can’t see it move because it grows and the pace of your fingernail. Volcanoes can happen this way too.  

Understandings- I know understand about tectonic plates, what they do and their effects. I also understand that so many people live there that we need to find out more about what’s happening below.

Question- How many plates are there?

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BTN-Indigenous Anzacs

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Facts- In almost every little or big town in Australia, there’s little reminders here and there of what the First world war cost our country. More than 60 thousand people died during the war and almost no community wasn’t affected by the war. 

Jack Shaw thinks it would’ve been hard for everyone including the people, knowing that everyone would return. But they still know that their fighting for everyone in our country.

Jack Shaw’s great, great uncles Rufus and Cyril Rigney were with 21 other Ngarrindjeri men who went off to war. Rufus was the youngest at 16 years and he lied about his age to enroll. Aboriginal, Australians weren’t considered a citizen of their own home back then. Even though they’ve fought against all our Aussies in every war we’ve ever been in. About 800 Aboriginal men enrolled for the 1 world war and thousands in the second. Many wanted to see the outside world and get a higher pay. In Australia they didn’t have basic right, but then as soldiers got treated the same as any other of their fellow soldiers and some went up to high military positions. Neither made it home, as they both died in Europe. In 2004 a student Donna saw the memorial and decided to do a project on it. She found that Rufus had a grave in Belgium and and saved up to visit. She brought back some dirt from his grave so his relatives could say goodbye. 2 year after that a cousin went and performed a traditional fire dance. The trip became regular a pilgrimage called connecting spirits. Every two year students go and visit the grave of Aussie soldiers who they researched. 

Jake Shaw- Said, it was a big thing for all the families that had people leaving. It doesn’t matter what they look like and their skin colour doesn’t change the sacrifice they made for our country.

Understandings- I know understand the importance of aboriginal rights on Anzac day and how important it is to families who had people not come back.

Questions- How come all the soldiers treated aboriginals the same and at home they didn’t get rights? 

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BTN-Facebook Data

Facts- Some people are addicted to social media and can’t stop but while their busy getting likes and comments on their posts, there are people working behind the scenes. These people collect information off you, and if you’ve got social media it’s likely they’ve got stuff about you too. They can work out things like where you live, your education and your friends and start to create a map, of what your likely to be like. And a lot of sites like facebook target specific ads at you. But now Christopher Wylie claims that a big US research company he used to work for called cambridge analytica collected some data inappropriately and used that data to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. Here’s how it happened. You know those quizzes you can do online? Like, what personality type do you have? They’re usually fun, but often, before you do them, you have to agree to share some of your personal information. And that’s where the trouble started Christopher says in 2014, Cambridge Analytica took information from people who did one of those quizzes and all their friends and used it to targets ads that were advertising Donald Trump and they might have helped him win the 2016 US election, and become president.  There are even more accusations now that data from Facebook might also have been used to tamper the result of the Brexit vote, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. When this news came out people weren’t happy. In fact, for many, it was a scandal big enough to make them log off for good. The hashtag Delete Facebook started trending and on the stock market the value of the company took a tumble.

Understandings- I know understand that a lot of stuff online and pop ups are to sway you into things and get the most information possible out of you.

Questions- How come it was only discovered now that Cambridge Analytica was doing this?

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BTN- History of Voting


Facts- Green

Blue- Questions

Red- Understanding


Facts- Voting hasn’t always been the same through Australian history. In the early 1800’s women couldn’t vote because people thought they were too emotional and not educated enough about politics to get a say. That’s why in the late 1800’s women started demanding change and respect. These people were known as the suffragettes, and suffrage means to be able to vote about politics that represent you. Suffragettes debated, wrote articles and petitions, protested and even went to jail for wanting rights. Crazy isn’t it. But in the end the women got what they wanted in 1902. Australia was the first official country to let women vote in federal elections and get to be voted into  Federal Parliament. But it still took another 2 decades for all the other states to follow on. Even if women were aloud to vote Indigenous Australians still weren’t permitted to vote. And finally in 1949 Indigenous Australians were aloud to vote in the federal elections.But then again only to the citizens who were in the army. It took another 13 years until all Indigenous Australians were aloud to vote in federal elections. Now days your aloud to vote when your 18, and not until 1973 were you aloud to vote unless you were 21 years or older. And Australia is one of heep of countries were you actually have to vote if you don’t it’s illegal and you get fined a small amount and it’s been that way since 1924.

Understanding- I know understand more about how things have changed in the time and how it’s affected different people.

Question- Are aboriginals aloud to be in Parliament and are there any aboriginals in any Parties?


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