100 Word challenge-Memorie cup

My goal is to be able to use correct punctuation.

For all who bear come round the cup come entwined with it words, for you hear all the trapped souls in your head telling you the way leading you through the path. Your mind stopping, not thinking as your thoughts get stuck in the cup. When it’s up straight your thoughts are the memories stuck inside the tea stirring. No one knows where it goes, it stay’s for a while and leaves but what does it do. Tales are told that the cup belongs to giant and each night he grabs the unlucky people who stumble upon the cup.

100 word challenge-….But what if i was in charge….

Prompt- ….But what if I was in charge….

My goal is to use 100 words exactly.

Are you guys sick and tired of being bossed around by teachers. It’s like brainwashing a child’s mind the teachers teach. We’re told by our teachers to learn a particular the way the way we’re meant to be taught. But why aren’t we all brainwashed the same way, wow can’t people just make up their mind on how we’re meant to be taught. It’s really not that hard and every few years we’re changing it up again. But what if I was in charge, I’d teach but make it fun. It’s just not right, we should choose how we learn.


100 word challenge- Ladder Goldfish Flew Brown Slowly

Darkness flew in the apartment, as the goldfish swam round in circles like it could never stop. Amber’s soft brown eyes stared at that fish every morning and after school. The friend in this world. Once her parents went to bed her she would slowly sneak down the ladder into the empty apartment below. Amber’s eyes would tear up every time she went. she was always reminded of the day it happened the day it all changed. But she misses the old days the way she would have fun, play with people. And then it stopped she just dead inside.

100 word challenge- Stick men

A couple of friends and I came out to the park hiding from each other between the trees. Of course I was counting as usual but I heard dark, deep steps and felt the wind blowing across my face, but it was different. In seconds I heard shallow screams of Olivia, I felt like all my friends voices were stuck in my head. Echoing screams and mistold words, as I got  closer to the greener grass l froze in silence. As my friends were in the clutches of stick men, they had marks like warriors.

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100 word challenge- Cross country FAIL

It was that fateful day once again but even more painful. Cross country, no one likes it well except for the ‘’expert’’ runners. Last year I did well, kind of. I’ll tell you what happened, I came 2nd I promise but it was a bumpy ride to get there. So I was running with my mate on the track and soon as felt like puking up my breakfast. We were moving very fast when I tripped over my mate then fell over the people in front of me and vomited and made people slip. It was on the finish line.


100 word challenge- Stone soul

It’ll all started that fateful day of my death and disappearance, well if i’m dead you’re probably guessing how i’m talking well i’m half dead. It started, one dark afternoon my family and i where dining at a Dad’s restaurant. I went out to feel the breeze on my face, as i was grabbed around the neck, i tried to run but they were to strong. And i suddenly kicked the person down without a sense of thought. And then in a blink of an eye there was a bright light, and now i’m eyes of the statues, i’m the soul.


100 word challenge- Hidden treasure

‘’Come on it’s been years, what makes you think after all these years we’ll actually find it.’’ Said Jake

‘’Well do you think there’s anything else to do on this island were stuck for the rest of our lives so what’s it to you. ‘’ said Michael

‘’I was just saying’’ James exclaimed

‘’Well James I think I going to make your day’’ said Michael

‘’Wow really’’ James said enthusiastically

‘’ Well I just found something through the cave, it looks old and precious worth a lot’’.

‘’Oh my god it gold,  but where would we hide it all’’.

100 word challenge-Ghost infested

It’s that time of year again, when you wear a mask and dress up. When you’re a ghost, monster or demon. But when you get to that age you know there’s no such thing as monsters. But this Halloween was different. We were on a holiday in America and it was pretty late at night and we’d finished trick or treating we went to get Starbucks. But when my family went off I got pushed and fell into this dusty mist. I looked up and there were thousands of ghosts just walking around, and I raced to hide but they were everywhere.

Flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Alyssa would have celebrated me being gone, all I wanted was for her to trust me. That kid hasn’t trusted me since I left her Dad in the war field. Her eyes swimming among her anger, red burning flames. She’s been so lonely and has been shutting out the whole world. I just couldn’t tell her why I left him in the field. She wouldn’t believe me. As I sat down her face turned fully white. I told her once the gates open you go out and don’t come back. The war outside our world is real. This fantasy you’re living in is not.” Tomorrow is where it begins.

100 word challenge-Divorce

The screaming and yelling echoed all through the apartment. Tears dripped down my face slowing. As the door slammed, I knew he was gone forever. He drove of down the alley way. As I rushed quickly down the alley, but all I could see was a few cars speeding through the lights. But then I saw his car him looking back at me. My Mum came out from the apartment, and I fell into her arms. How could he leave us like that? And more importantly how could he leave me like this? He shouted but I was too broke to listen.