100 Word challenge: Lightning Hurrah

My goal was to do a poem, but a short sentence like a storybook at the end.

Lightning flashes and flickers like sparks of fireworks. It’s like a big light show festival but with danger and distress. It comes in different shapes and sizes and tries to attack the best. Lightning never comes without a friend, his good old mate thunder. In the flash of lightning I saw something like a shadow, in the dark and that’s what happens when lightning is around. Lightning and thunder are like subway without one ingredient it’s terrible out there. No colours colliding or songs to sing like poems. There’s only darkness like you’re trapped in a bubble, and you look back at what’s really the truth inside.

 Prompt-  In the flash of lightning I saw 

100 word challenge-Hamburger Alert

My goal is to do it as the perspective of the hamburger, instead of a person or animal a food.

One day i was lying around a lonely bun with sesame seeds on top. As i could see in the burning, crisping frypan was the burger being flipped constantly, burn up till it’s just right. Then the cheese was being pulled out of  processed, chemical added flavour packet, it had a cheesy grin, as it slipped around. And the tomato and lettuce were being chopped up, swirled in a machine and then freshly grated. Then it was time to mix everything into one, a delicious masterpiece, all different tastes and mixtures your taste buds would be nuts. But they hated us, and before being thrown out rotting for what seems like years we were snatched by these papery hands and children were messing around and we started to eat them up.fast supper Gloucester cathedral

100wc : wide, orange, crocodile, collapsed, within

My goal is to set my story in a historical moment

As the sun set with so many colours joining and birds flashed and fluttered across the river Nile. Once the darkness came within, vast orange shadows spread far and wide across the land. It was the Roman army foraging forward to take the land. Young Cleopatra got all her slaves big and tall, thick and thin. She pointed her finger down into the darkness of Giza to hide her treasures and jewels. She set mazes and traps, she even set a crocodile swamp down in the depths. She was the last remaining emperor, as her kingdom had collapsed in destruction.

100 word challenge: I just couldn’t eat something so

Walking down the street, splashing my feet in the water and knocking over the cans while cars squash them. As I walked in the door silence appeared I jumped on each step up to my room, and dumped my bag on the floor. I went on my laptop and started playing games I heard a squeak, from the trap door. I went down and bumped my head and I have a bruise. Then I looked down at the table and there was a cake I tasted it I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting like pepper, socks, and poo.

100 word challenge: what world are we living in.

My goal is that my writing rhymes?

Floating on the shell of a turtle swinging through the sea. A girl sitting on your neck with the touch harmonious vibes. Holding up hot air balloons stopping them to rise. Having a whole race of humans lye on your back thinking it’s a round earth. A helicopter shining flickering, and flashing lights standing above you. Standing on a ladder climbing up, finding a window and something new to explore. A painting hanging down left a lone with no colors colliding but just people starring and walk by. As no one knows what world were living in, it’s a mystery.

100 word challenge: ears from the gods

I was walking through the wild plains of Africa, i was on an expedition finding rare and new creatures. But one night i wanted to leave and do it on myself no of these man understand what this means. So i went out with my lantern and the dogs, we could see something in the distance. The sun was rising across the horizon and a black bold figure and elephant was striding across the path. And it passed and turned it’s head and glared down, i noticed it had no ears. Until ears sprouted out, they were beautiful, flourishing butterfly wings.

100word challenge: looking in a camera

As i walked up stairs as the birds were singing and flying through sky high. I looked down out of the old oak window my veggies were fresh and my fruits divine. I could feel a slight tap on my back but i slipped and started falling out the window i knew i would be down there in seconds. But i took longer i closed my eyes and if i didn’t i would have realized. I was scooped up by a soaring eagle and it dropped me down on of crumbling log. I looked at a camera taking snaps, but i found i was tiny.

100 word challenge:seeing what’s beyond

Everyday standing there looking through the key whole, nothing moved and there was no life. What was beyond, i’d always been the weird kid stuck in books imagining stories and magical beasts. But we were never aloud past the gates. They said there lies danger and a world of darkness. Are  world was controlling and we had no feelings we would never laugh at jokes and be sad if someone leaves or die and we wouldn’t be scared at a monster or ghost. I went and looked and it creaked open as i saw a cloaked figure who was called Giver.

100 word challenge: the slime dripped through

My goal is to use the prompt in a place other than the start.

As i was running on a full moon night when the stars were twinkling and the moon shining. I looked at the abandoned house it was old and crooked my friends had done every other house on the block. No one had ever seen this house my friends were scared to death they just wanted to run back to their mummies. But i didn’t even knock on the door and it creaked and squeaked open as the slime dripped through, it smelled like rotten fruit and veg mixed with gym socks, it was also ectoplasmic and green i touched it WAIT.

100 word challenge: Nothing new

Goal: To write different types of texts.

Dear Diary,

It’s been so hard, painful and lonley. Everyone stares with their bulging flashing eyes. They think I’m different and weird beacause of my skin. It dosen’t feel nice I feel as if everyone is absentminded their so distracted by their beauty. But they look down on me their rising above into a new error. Before they came are land was harmonius, beautiful vibes floated through our majestic land. Colour and wonder spread across every mind and each had a symbolic power of freedom. But they thought we were crazy and they chased and punished us. Their coming! You now have the power to make a difference.

Quote: It doesn’t matter how big or small or if your skin is different it only makes a difference by who you are only your inner feelings and self reflect on who you are. A little magic can take you along way away. Everyone’s different in their own way.