100 word challenge- Creatures

It lurks through past you but so fast you don’t see it, it’s adapted to camouflage to all its surroundings. No one knows what it is but there have been sightings all over the town whispers and rumors of it. Scientists are yet to get an understanding of this creature but they’ve been told it’s a small light blue creature with a body of fish but with soft lizard-like legs and ears like a monkey. But what people don’t know is he’s a lost creature travelling through planets searching for a kind soul who will let him their life.

100 word challenge-…’when did it arrive?’ I said

I guess I wasn’t ready for this package, I guess it had been so long that I didn’t even know what it was the package was. Unless I didn’t actually order anything. I rushed over to the door as I heard frightening bangs, I looked through the spy hole and there was nothing. It was probably just the wind I thought to myself. Shaking I opened the door and a package lay there. ‘When did it arrive?’ I said to myself wondering if there really was someone there. The lights started flickering, whispers approaching I was shaking and shivering in fear.

100 word challenge- Shouted,Crimson,Misty,Frantically,Grave

My goal is to make the reader wonder

We slowly peddled along the gravel track, as it was getting foggy. The mist was surrounding us and nothing was to be seen ahead. As we went further down the track it turned into mud and we started seeing graves along the path. As we stopped and hopped off our bikes, we ran down to where there was a gate. We found a coffin door open, as we slowly walked towards it we heard a shout, and we huddled behind the grave. But I noticed that it had a soft crimson fabric, but there was nobody. We frantically rose up!

100 word challenge- Above


You see shadows around the corner looking waiting. But what are they, flashing movements, in a blink of an eye you turn and there’s nothing there. Footprints left in the ground, if your lucking you might catch something but only just. You have to make sure it doesn’t find you. Sometimes you hear of missing children well this is where they go. It lurks in the forest, but don’t be out past your bedtime, cause it’s out too. When you hear dogs barking at night, it there waiting watching. So who’s going to be next, maybe you.

100 word challenge-Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

It had come to soon, there wasn’t enough time to prepare. It was going to close soon, although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Everyone was still getting ready, it’s to early no one no’s what creatures from the depth would out. Their calls so faint but drag you in with one note. You get lost between the real world and what you used to know, you loose memory and lose track of the real things. The travelers got sucked in as one soul escaped the trap and as I said didn’t know what was real.

100 word challenge- but how did he/she get up there?

Prompt- … but how did he/she get up there?…

Okay I’m not sure if you’ve been to America, but have you seen Mount Rushmore. It’s an a amazing sight,the rock formations and delicate fine touches just so intricate. But how did he or they get up there to do this, I just can’t imagine how hard it would be to actually achieve this perfection. It seems impossible that they actually did this and just why did they decide to do it in this place. But imagine being up their carving the heads of past American Presidents and then dangling of ropes holding you up. But this is truly a sight to behold.


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100 Word challenge-Memorie cup

My goal is to be able to use correct punctuation.

For all who bear come round the cup come entwined with it words, for you hear all the trapped souls in your head telling you the way leading you through the path. Your mind stopping, not thinking as your thoughts get stuck in the cup. When it’s up straight your thoughts are the memories stuck inside the tea stirring. No one knows where it goes, it stay’s for a while and leaves but what does it do. Tales are told that the cup belongs to giant and each night he grabs the unlucky people who stumble upon the cup.

100 word challenge-….But what if i was in charge….

Prompt- ….But what if I was in charge….

My goal is to use 100 words exactly.

Are you guys sick and tired of being bossed around by teachers. It’s like brainwashing a child’s mind the teachers teach. We’re told by our teachers to learn a particular the way the way we’re meant to be taught. But why aren’t we all brainwashed the same way, wow can’t people just make up their mind on how we’re meant to be taught. It’s really not that hard and every few years we’re changing it up again. But what if I was in charge, I’d teach but make it fun. It’s just not right, we should choose how we learn.


100 word challenge- Ladder Goldfish Flew Brown Slowly

Darkness flew in the apartment, as the goldfish swam round in circles like it could never stop. Amber’s soft brown eyes stared at that fish every morning and after school. The friend in this world. Once her parents went to bed her she would slowly sneak down the ladder into the empty apartment below. Amber’s eyes would tear up every time she went. she was always reminded of the day it happened the day it all changed. But she misses the old days the way she would have fun, play with people. And then it stopped she just dead inside.

100 word challenge- Stick men

A couple of friends and I came out to the park hiding from each other between the trees. Of course I was counting as usual but I heard dark, deep steps and felt the wind blowing across my face, but it was different. In seconds I heard shallow screams of Olivia, I felt like all my friends voices were stuck in my head. Echoing screams and mistold words, as I got  closer to the greener grass l froze in silence. As my friends were in the clutches of stick men, they had marks like warriors.

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