100 word challenge- Hidden treasure

‘’Come on it’s been years, what makes you think after all these years we’ll actually find it.’’ Said Jake

‘’Well do you think there’s anything else to do on this island were stuck for the rest of our lives so what’s it to you. ‘’ said Michael

‘’I was just saying’’ James exclaimed

‘’Well James I think I going to make your day’’ said Michael

‘’Wow really’’ James said enthusiastically

‘’ Well I just found something through the cave, it looks old and precious worth a lot’’.

‘’Oh my god it gold,  but where would we hide it all’’.

100 word challenge-Ghost infested

It’s that time of year again, when you wear a mask and dress up. When you’re a ghost, monster or demon. But when you get to that age you know there’s no such thing as monsters. But this Halloween was different. We were on a holiday in America and it was pretty late at night and we’d finished trick or treating we went to get Starbucks. But when my family went off I got pushed and fell into this dusty mist. I looked up and there were thousands of ghosts just walking around, and I raced to hide but they were everywhere.

Flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Alyssa would have celebrated me being gone, all I wanted was for her to trust me. That kid hasn’t trusted me since I left her Dad in the war field. Her eyes swimming among her anger, red burning flames. She’s been so lonely and has been shutting out the whole world. I just couldn’t tell her why I left him in the field. She wouldn’t believe me. As I sat down her face turned fully white. I told her once the gates open you go out and don’t come back. The war outside our world is real. This fantasy you’re living in is not.” Tomorrow is where it begins.

100 word challenge-Divorce

The screaming and yelling echoed all through the apartment. Tears dripped down my face slowing. As the door slammed, I knew he was gone forever. He drove of down the alley way. As I rushed quickly down the alley, but all I could see was a few cars speeding through the lights. But then I saw his car him looking back at me. My Mum came out from the apartment, and I fell into her arms. How could he leave us like that? And more importantly how could he leave me like this? He shouted but I was too broke to listen.


100 word challenge-Missing

This afternoon, Police have found a sighting an unidentified persons legs sticking out of the water in swamp Jeffery’s. They are wearing denim blues jeans and tacky old boots. No one knows where the other half has been laid. The killer is yet to be found and weirdly enough fruits and vegetables are floating in the water. No one has seen anything yet. People think there has been a fight. Everyone has been staying clear of the swamp. But this isn’t the first time this has happened. The last time it did more than one innocent life was taken.

100 word challenge-My secret object

She’s beautiful and I’ve been in her life since 2006. She’s got long brown wavy hair, and blue eyes. She’s loving and 3 other children are in her life. She’s always filled with joy and is happy to help.  She’s constantly working 5 days a week, but she’s still got time for others. She’s caring and kind. And has had someone else in her life since 2003. She is really nice and filling joy to people. She is 38 years old and works at a Gym and manages it. She works really hard and sometimes gets overwhelmed.

Lost Girls- 100 word challenge

‘’Alexia come on’’ Shouted Emily’s mum.
Alexia needed to follow the tracks it was the only way to find Emily. Rain was pouring, thunder was roaring and lightning screeching while the wind howled. Emily was my only friend, I needed her to keep me straight. I saw a little girl it was Emily’s sister, she said a giant shadow was on top of them and in a glimpse Emily was gone. I looked at the crime scene, there was blood in the shoe and massive footprints by the side. Emily’s Mum called and I told the news. As a beast …….

100 word challenge- Seal Death

One morning I jumped in the water with my pod, all my family and friends were swimming out to get some breakfast. I slapped myself up on my rock and sat there watching my little brother he was just a seal pup. He splashed and swirled around in the water, as he just spinned around in circles. I was laughing hysterically. At that moment he was pulled into the depths of the water. I thought he was just playing a game, but after a few moments it wasn’t a game. I dived into the water as I saw a shadow.

100 word challenge-Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

In 1804 in the Streets of England a Young musician died. No one how this came to be. One cold, grim day a little girl Scarlet perched herself down by the Merri dale creek where she sang songs. But that day an old violin case flowed down the stream. She grabbed it and pulled it open. She saw what was inside on a soft, patterned cushion. Was a small little puppy called Daisy, she wasn’t annoying but cute and calm. Scarlet eyes watered in happiness after her family died, she didn’t have anyone, so this was a chance. 

100 word challenge- the flash made me

You know some people are just perfect, but I’m the total opposite from another galaxy. Because it’s school photo day and trust me everybody hates it, you sit down and give a cheesy smile. So my turn once someone spilt juice and another time foam. My turn it’s like stepping onto a podium. My bottom touches the seat softly I put my hands over my lap and smi… but I thought if I try to be bad then I might get it right. But the flash made me flicker and in the end I knocked the camera over and deleted the photos.

Prompt- the flash made me