Charles Reflection- 5 Fiction facts

  1. Fiction is all about the character: I think the main character in this story was Laurie. In the story it said this line- He abandoned corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt and a baseball cap. Laurie is misbehaved, doesn’t listen, rude, disrespectful. He also calls people names and swears. He doesn’t listen to rules and made up his own person, just for himself and his own purposes. His mother found out this weeks after all the incidents.
  2. Fiction is all about what the character wants: I think Laurie wants to feel good about himself because he’s always getting in trouble. I think Laurie made up Charles so he can blame all the things he did on someone else, and so he feels like a good kid.
  3. Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants: Laurie is both successful and not. What Laurie wants doesn’t change what he wants throughout the story. Laurie succeeds by making up Charles and his parents believing him, and succeeds truly by seeing that and thinking that Charles is bad he thinks that he should be good. But he didn’t succeed because his Mom finds out all that trouble was caused by Laurie at the parent teacher interviews and that Laurie was lying. His obstacles that he has to encounter is his parents, teacher and at home.
  4. Fiction is all about how your character changes: Laurie changes when one day he comes home from school saying that ‘’ Charles’’ was acting good all the time. So that means that Laurie has changed his behaviour at school. Laurie at the start was very rude and physically violent. At the end he was very good and listened. I think that Laurie learned being bad doesn’t change the fact about what you’re doing and different attitudes can make an impact in different ways. THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT BECAUSE IT CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO THE THEME AND MESSAGE!!
  5. Fiction is all about a world an author creates: I think the created the book by making it relatable because a lot of people haven’t done such as bad as things but made mistakes. This world is very similar to ours but probably in another country and a little while back thinking about the clothes, teacher materials and the punishments they used in school times. Some of the places it had where school, home and the classroom. Some people where the parents, baby sister, teacher and students. A lot of things she included where things that we knew so we got a clear image. Some conflicts were Laurie asking another girl to swear and saying it himself and him lying and being violent. Some of the good things in this world were was Laurie had a kind mother and school tried to help him. Some bad things was that the teacher didn’t talk to Laurie’s mother earlier.

This is a world where everything is relatable because it’s all the same and nothing is different.

100 word challenge-Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

In 1804 in the Streets of England a Young musician died. No one how this came to be. One cold, grim day a little girl Scarlet perched herself down by the Merri dale creek where she sang songs. But that day an old violin case flowed down the stream. She grabbed it and pulled it open. She saw what was inside on a soft, patterned cushion. Was a small little puppy called Daisy, she wasn’t annoying but cute and calm. Scarlet eyes watered in happiness after her family died, she didn’t have anyone, so this was a chance. 

Themes- Steamed Windows

Themes- This story helped me understand a lot of themes and ideas, and showed me a different perspective of how people live their life. Some themes were loneliness, sadness, happiness, friendship, helpfulness, loss. I could most clearly see loss because she loved music, but one day she couldn’t hear and lost a lot of things she loved. She said that she loved singing too, but after she became deaf she couldn’t talk very well.

Important human issues- I think the author wants you to about is not just about deaf people but many people that have disabilities. That we should be open in helping people and providing them care and giving respect to them. And it can happen at any time in life. And people should be helpful and mindful of their loss because it impacts their lives in big ways.

Stories apply to many readers- I think people who would connect to this story would be people who have, people who have someone loved/friend who has it. And people who have other things that stop them from doing things like blindness and being mute (you can’t talk). I think a part that these 2 parts would really connect to people. When Kade helped her and tried his best to communicate, which showed that were all equals. And when she was in hospital she was scared and didn’t know what was happening, until they said she was deaf on the whiteboard.

Events represent ideas- I think some figurative language was when she said, It’s the only thing, if I really, really listen I can sometimes hear it, but it’s quiet, muted. It’s like its playing, softly inside a sound proof room and I’m outside the door, sitting and straining to hear. I think it means that she still has a strong connection to something she lost and she doesn’t forget what she loved. It can kind of shows that we expect things to stay the same after change.


Experiences evolves patterns- Some repeating patterns are her listening to her Mums music and thinking about it. And when Kade and her where drawing on the windows to talk to each other. And saying that she’s deaf she also used her whiteboard a lot.


Fiction is instructional- Its saying don’t take people or things for granted because one thing could be perfect for a long time and change in the blink of an eye.  And it said this, all I know is that one day I was hearing just fine then the next day I woke up in a hospital with a huge headache. I was so scared at first. I saw them talking but I couldn’t hear. Later someone wrote down for me that something had happened to my eardrums and now I was deaf. So we can’t expect they UN expected.


If I was her I’d be super scared and nervous. I’d feel so weird like a different person. I think I’d feel left out because the whole world is talking and I’m just watching things. I feel super lucky to be able to see, talk, and hear everything in my life. It would be so weird I do know some ones grandpa that doesn’t have one ear at all. So be grateful that you can hear at all.

100 word challenge- the flash made me

You know some people are just perfect, but I’m the total opposite from another galaxy. Because it’s school photo day and trust me everybody hates it, you sit down and give a cheesy smile. So my turn once someone spilt juice and another time foam. My turn it’s like stepping onto a podium. My bottom touches the seat softly I put my hands over my lap and smi… but I thought if I try to be bad then I might get it right. But the flash made me flicker and in the end I knocked the camera over and deleted the photos.

Prompt- the flash made me

100 word challenge- when all of a sudden

Goal was to connect to the story we were reading in class.

I’ve got a happy life living on a farm away from noises and city lights. I have a little sister and twin brothers, four kids. I research flowers and plants, I also find bugs and insects and put them in jars. But every happy story never stays one. One day my father was grabbing all the vegetables and fruits, but he fell in mid-air. My family rushed towards him, I was shaking half to death. The ambulance came and picked him up. When he was back all of a sudden he was gone forever.

‘’ Why’d he have to leave us’’ I said silently in tears.


Prompt: when all of a sudden

Carousel run away

I’m running free from laughing children who sit there bums on my body. My life goes round in a circle with no corners or turns not even a bend. All pretty and glam I look fit for riding but am I really just a toy. What if my life is a vivid unclear dream? Drawn to light which my mane shines in, dragged away from a life with one possibility. Eyes widened so a little imagination would set me free. If life as a statue is what you want I’m free for interview sessions, just for free and yes now.

Adaptations Reflection

This is my Adaptation Reflection, on what we’ve been learning throughout our projects.


This term our unit has been desert animals and environments and showing their adaptations. We had to choose an animal or a plant to our project on that live in the desert. Some things we needed to include were models, diagrams, and a science experiment. The main idea was to inform the audience about its behaviour, structural features and adaptations. You were given a partner and you did all the work and were given a rubric. We did a powerpoint or a poster and we chose a power point and chose the Spinifex hopping mouse as our animal. We also had a rubric with sections about below average at average and above expectations. We wanted to work above expectations and highlighted things that we’ve achieved. I think that we achieved over expectations because we used time wisely, communicated well, showed each respect and listened to ideas.


Some interesting things I learnt about my animal,

  1. Its ear has a large surface area and sometimes when hot the blood flows through the ear and as it comes back down receiving it the blood is cooled down and decreases the body heat.
  2. They eat seeds, berries, plants, insects, fungi, small reptiles, and Spinifex grass seeds. And do not need to drink much water because it’s got very efficient kidneys which absorb all the moisture. It’s an omnivore so it can eat just about anything they find.
  3. They weigh 35 grams almost the same as 5 two dollar coins, and its tail is longer than its self by about 40mm (As an adult).



  1. I know understand that without it efficient kidney’s it probably wouldn’t survive. It would probably going out a lot more often and collect water and it would get hunted down be feral animals like owls, cats, foxes, and native animals. And go in the daytime heat instead of night.
  2. I also understand that without a pouch of any type it would be harder to protect their young in times of attack or danger in burrows. Because the young cling to the nipples for about a month, if a female went out and a predator attacks the babies might fall off. So that’s a disadvantage.



  1. If it rarely ventures more than a few meters from the burrow how does it get food?



I think that I and my partner achieved a lot and more than we thought we could. We had to put a lot trust in each other to make sure we did everything on time. We had an advantage because our parents know each other from our bothers so he could over to my house. We worked really well and we got everything done on time. I think one our biggest achievements was our science project. And our diorama was bold and stood out. I think because we listened to each other and accepted what could go wrong and how it might make it better we achieved a lot. I think we also made progress in sharing parts and who did what, we made it easier by make a homework list for our project. We also looked back on the rubric.



Partner and Social capabilities

Aryaveer- He helped out with excel because he was confident, he did the diagram and labelled, we equalled out how many slides we did and how much talking we did.

Aaliyah- I bought a lot of supplies and because Aryaveer was sick I had to help him out a lot. I was very confident.


Science Inquiry skills

Questioning and predicting

I have how to make a leading a prediction into my animal and the subject. I know how to use questions to make predictions about a certain subject. I used previous knowledge of other experiments and what I used. I know that not having proper equipment for everything it might not be an accurate prediction.

Science Knowledge

Biological understanding

I understand the importance of adaptations and features, of helping animals. They are meant to assist creatures in their natural habitat, from predators. But I do know that adaptations aren’t always useful when there is a natural disaster because it is meant to assist it when being hunted on and when in their environment. I know because my animal is small and nocturnal. Because of the heat and small size its body has adapted in ways it know its body can help it. Like its large ears flows to the blood to the ear and then receiving it back its body is cooled down. I know that most animals have adaptations and all use them and can help other species too.



What were the most important things that I learnt?

One thing was I learnt how to properly skim and scan through texts so I’m just getting big fa chunks of information that I have to deal with, so breaking things into parts. One really big thing I learnt was trust, I learnt how to trust my partner and rely on him to do his share too. So times it was a bit pressuring but we got over and communicated well.  I learnt more about trust in others and worked out a wheel of how we worked he would do some slides I would and it worked really well.  And when we were doing science experiments I knew the progress and what you needed to make it run smoothly. You needed to predict, 1 variable, and more than 1 thing staying the same, what you’re measuring/ observing, what equipment you’ll need and what you’re going to do. It was really fun doing experiments and kind of help us with our own because some of the animals have a similar adaptation to what we were testing. And I learnt about sharing workloads.


How did I learn it?

In the science part I learnt by using stuff around me, that I could use physically. It helped using tools because I could show my conclusion in different ways and I used some things that were knew, and I used my prior knowledge of what I already knew about it. I also learnt by breaking it down into areas, so before we showed adaptations, behavioural adaptations and structural adaptations we showed its habitat you need it before otherwise you don’t what environment it’s protecting itself in. We showed predictions about the animal and a definition of structural and behavioural adaptations. We also did it by breaking in questions and asking each other to answer them. When looking on the internet it was hard in some place because it showed different answers and we had to back it up by finding another site.


What I’m going to do with what I learnt

I will use it in future presentations and class work. When showing my actual presentation I’m going to take the feedback I got from the audience and use it to help others and myself in situations where I know this isn’t right and it could use improving. So really all the skills I learnt will be used onwards in my school years, and so I can show improvement aswell learning from people think about it.



I feel I’ve learnt more about things that I haven’t learnt before and by showing other presentations I get to see how they relate to mine. And can make connections. With my 1 wonder I have many more that’s a random but interesting one I picked out. I learnt about working with others. And it was a great…… experience with my partner!

Goal- To make sure that we have more even amounts of reading the presentation. Thanks

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100 word challenge- Weather changes

I’m a weather journalist and if any crazy happens I faint but then I miss it. I love going round the world seeing what’s going to happen each day. I had crashed my plane a few months ago, I’m not sure why I thought I could fly a plane. It was like land were in every corner was a different season. I went to a lake and got some fresh water, THE WEATHER CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!! The snow was tumbling down the hill and the sun shone over, the snow pushed me strong and the sun bravely caused everything to melt.


100 word challenge- Helping birth

Both 100 words

Hi Andrew,

Well how amazing, how pressuring is it when there could be a life in danger, and you can’t see properly and the mother doesn’t know what’s happening? How old are you and where did you study? How did you get into it did someone show you or family did it or friends or did you watch a video? Do you ever get scared when you don’t have the equipment or tools and there is something wrong and you can’t do that much, and then you have to rush to hospital? Do you feel lonely away from your family?


Here’s how I interpret it,

In the dead of night sleeping, woken up by the ringing tone of the phone. You rush up fall and grab the phone with a tight grasp. You here there’s someone coming and people rush in with a woman on a stretcher. You look at her face and tell it’s going to be all right. Looking around finding what you have in store when you don’t have vital tools and equipment. You think in your brain using your knowledge and find what’s wrong you use only a stethoscope and see the problem. You say what’s wrong and bring them to satisfaction.

100 word challenge- My dreamtime

My goal is to be less descriptive.

I’ve been living in the outback and I’m a tale no legend as old as the dreamtime. I been surviving on what Mother Nature’s been giving me. I eat the animals that step in the red plains each morn. And I live out of grasses, leaves, bark and branches bundled over each other. But one day as I travelled down the pebbled track I walked down the current of where the water flowed each day and night. But it was empty and my skills were dying off. If animals died I couldn’t survive, wait the water kept gushing out, ‘’It’s back’’ I cried.

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