100 word challenge

100 word challenge

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

I wasn’t looking forward to my first day to work. First impressions are everything especially when you work in a fashion career. Multitasking isn’t a strong suit of mine. As I was juggling to eat my cereal, one of my shoes on my head and my hair looking like a gorilla’s I running to keep my job. Pretty was the opposite of  how I ever looked. I stared at the bricks on each building trying to find my work. After what seemed like eternity I walked into work and slowed down. Trying to avoid everyone’s eyes wasn’t easy especially with my bright yellow dress.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. You used the words well. At the end you can feel how awkward and embarrassing it would be for the character starting work at that place.

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