Our solar system our home in space

Our solar system our home in space

This video was about our place in our solar system. The sun is in the centre of our universe on one side there is terrestrial planet mars, earth, venus and mercury and on the other side is the gas giant planets jupiter, saturn, neptune and uranus.

Facts about the planets

Mercury is the smallest planet but not as small as pluto which is know classified as a dwarf planet.

Mars has two small moons circling around it and has the tallest mountain in the solar system Olympus mons it’s almost 3 times as tall mount everest.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with 67 moons. It has many storm it’s largest the great red spot three times of the size of earth.

Saturn has a very visible ring system with 62 moons.

Uranus has 27 moons and is the coldest.

Because Neptune is so far away from the sun it’s year is 164 earth years.



How do we get information about other planets if we don’t have rovers or humans there?

How do they classify planets as dwarf planets?

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