The Ancient study of Astronomy Reflection

The Ancient study of Astronomy Reflection

Our video this week was about the study of astronomy and the fascination of the space between cultures. The Babylonians were very advanced astronomers in their time because of their system. They had created a system of writing so they could record astronomical events from which they created mathematical models. The models led to creating calendars which then led for them to be able to time important events like business transactions. They didn’t do this for purely scientific understanding but Astrological influence.

The Mayans created the Mayan long count calendar. There are a lot of the things we don’t know because the spanish conquistadors burned their work. The Calendar worked on a very sophisticated number system based on 20 unlike today where we use 10. Their number system and Astronomical observations helped them see rotation of planets and eclipses.

In Ancient Greek the Tolemy who created the Ptolemaic system it was theorized that the earth was in the center of the universe. It influence astronomical knowledge for hundreds of years but it has been disproven.  Tolemy got his knowledge from Hiparticus as mathematician known to be the father of trigonometry. He also discovered the precession of the equinoxes which is the wobbling of the earth on its axis.


How did the Tolemy get the theory of the earth being in the center of the universe?

Did any of these cultures get ideas off each other?


I know understand that if  Astronomers and other people didn’t discover these things and tell the world about them the earth would be very different and would not understand what we know about space today.

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