Goals for Semester 2

Goals for Semester 2

So far this semester I have achieved:

1.Thinking of rebuttals on the spot and sharing them with my team but when I share them in front of the class I find it hard to put it into words and put it into my speech. I have also achieved slowing down in some of my debates but not all of them.

2. I also think I have achieved thinking of ideas for my stories. Last term we did a project for a story and in one lesson we had to think of an idea for each paragraph and I think I was very successful and thought of many ideas that I could put in.

3. One of my goals was to stay focused during my learning and during the most part I think I’ve been focused and tried not to get distracted when a friend tries to talk or distract me.

4. Another goal I had was to let other people take leadership. I think in most group activities we do during class I try and let everyone have a go and ask people if they want to share or have a turn.

5. I have achieved one of my goals for understanding and solving questions with decimals in it. For most of the questions and activities we did I think I understood most of it.

During this term I am hoping to achieve:

This term I want to learn about how the planets and how the place they’re in effects them.

In poetry I want to be able to put in writing skills with my poetry and make my poetry flow.

Personal Goal- I would like try and work with different people sometimes.


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