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Mars Mission-BTN

Mars Mission-BTN

This video was about the mars rover curiosity. NASA landed it on space but it was a tough journey. It took eighth months for the rover to reach only earths neighbouring planet and ts shields had to survive 1600 degrees as it slammed into Mars’ atmosphere.  Then there were 7 intense minutes of slowing down to find a spot to land and thousands of keys to press. If something went wrong millions of dollars and years of work wasted. Curiosity wasn’t NASA’s first rover on mars but it’s definitely the best. It needs to roam around mars taking samples of rock with lazers. The aim is to learn more about what mars is made up of. But we’re also looking for signs of life. Mars is the most like Earth of any of the planets in our Solar System. Scientists think that Mars may have once been home to some sort of life form. There’s even the very slight possibility that, just maybe, some tiny thing is still living there.

How many more rovers are NASA planning sending to send up?

What are the jobs of the over rovers?

I know understand that there are many things that we have to take into account before living on another planet even the small things help like the mars rovers.

Goals for Semester 2

Goals for Semester 2

So far this semester I have achieved:

1.Thinking of rebuttals on the spot and sharing them with my team but when I share them in front of the class I find it hard to put it into words and put it into my speech. I have also achieved slowing down in some of my debates but not all of them.

2. I also think I have achieved thinking of ideas for my stories. Last term we did a project for a story and in one lesson we had to think of an idea for each paragraph and I think I was very successful and thought of many ideas that I could put in.

3. One of my goals was to stay focused during my learning and during the most part I think I’ve been focused and tried not to get distracted when a friend tries to talk or distract me.

4. Another goal I had was to let other people take leadership. I think in most group activities we do during class I try and let everyone have a go and ask people if they want to share or have a turn.

5. I have achieved one of my goals for understanding and solving questions with decimals in it. For most of the questions and activities we did I think I understood most of it.

During this term I am hoping to achieve:

This term I want to learn about how the planets and how the place they’re in effects them.

In poetry I want to be able to put in writing skills with my poetry and make my poetry flow.

Personal Goal- I would like try and work with different people sometimes.


The Ancient study of Astronomy Reflection

The Ancient study of Astronomy Reflection

Our video this week was about the study of astronomy and the fascination of the space between cultures. The Babylonians were very advanced astronomers in their time because of their system. They had created a system of writing so they could record astronomical events from which they created mathematical models. The models led to creating calendars which then led for them to be able to time important events like business transactions. They didn’t do this for purely scientific understanding but Astrological influence.

The Mayans created the Mayan long count calendar. There are a lot of the things we don’t know because the spanish conquistadors burned their work. The Calendar worked on a very sophisticated number system based on 20 unlike today where we use 10. Their number system and Astronomical observations helped them see rotation of planets and eclipses.

In Ancient Greek the Tolemy who created the Ptolemaic system it was theorized that the earth was in the center of the universe. It influence astronomical knowledge for hundreds of years but it has been disproven.  Tolemy got his knowledge from Hiparticus as mathematician known to be the father of trigonometry. He also discovered the precession of the equinoxes which is the wobbling of the earth on its axis.


How did the Tolemy get the theory of the earth being in the center of the universe?

Did any of these cultures get ideas off each other?


I know understand that if  Astronomers and other people didn’t discover these things and tell the world about them the earth would be very different and would not understand what we know about space today.

100 word challenge-It reminded me of the time when

100 word challenge-It reminded me of the time when

Everything just moved so fast as a kid, there was never a time where you could just stop and think and about it all. But it was great I could do whatever I wanted I was like a loose cannon. But everyone has that moment as a child where you can think about it all. But it came to early and it just all hit me. Everything around you just stops and it’s a silent world. It reminded me of the time when she left us, Dad said she was having a long sleep.

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