BTN-Cape Town water crisis

BTN-Cape Town water crisis

Just to see the slightest bit of rain is enough to get people over there excited. Capetown is a city down the bottom of Africa, but for the last few years, they’ve been in a drought. But in the last few months, it’s gotten a whole lot worse. But even a little bit of water won’t help out the situation.  Authorities predict that the taps will turn off on June 4th, the call it day zero. In Australia, we’ve experienced restrictions but there’s is a whole other level. They only get 50 liters a day since February 1st. That doesn’t give you much because of stuff like laundry, dishes, and toilets all that is already 27 liters. If day zero arrives then people will have to start to walking to collection points to get 25 liters of water. The restrictions have made a difference pushing day zero further away.

I know understand the difficulty of not have water and the struggles that it causes as such a necessity.

How long till they run out of water?

Will the restrictions get tighter?

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