Herald Sun- Is Africa splitting apart

Herald Sun- Is Africa splitting apart

Facts-There have been massive cracks in a valley in Kenya. Is Africa splitting apart? Some scientists suggest that it’s actually splitting apart. The rips are growing deeper and longer as the time passes. Scientists believe that this crack will develop over time. They think in tens of millions of years Africa will be split in half. People first saw it after very heavy rainfall in Kenya. That rainfall caused a lot of damage like flooding areas and walls collapsing. Those waters created 7km long rips in the earth, it ripped a highway open and homes and cars got pulled down. Experts say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate.

Understanding/wonder- I wonder how this will affect Africa in the future

Question- When they do split apart will they have 2 separate names?




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