100 word challenge- Breaking News

100 word challenge- Breaking News

Welcome back to channel 9, there’s been a breaking discovery. A couple of farmers have recently found a new type a berry or nut. These farmers have also caught onto a disease. These farmers have unfortunately died and scientists aren’t sure how many more lives are to be lost. It is very spiking, is green and it grows on trees. If touched by it you will start to get headaches, colds a very mild flu and you’ll start to experience hallucinations it will eventually lead to death. At the moment scientists are still unsure for a cure.

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge- Breaking News

  1. A clever idea to begin your story in the middle of the action. I particularly enjoyed the mystery you have created with scientists dying and no cure on the horizon. Well done.
    Ms. M
    Team 100WC Sydney, Australia

  2. Hi Lena,

    I really liked your story! (Also, your blog theme is very cute!)

    It was interesting how you framed your story as a news report, I think it was really attention grabbing because of this. It is quite scary actually, thinking of discovering a new fruit that makes people sick, with there being no cure. However, thinking about it, thousands of years ago when humanity where discovering new lands, we would have encountered a lot of new and dangerous fruits!

    I think it would be very interesting if you continued this story one day, either through more news reports or maybe from the perspective of a person who was watching this first news report. It sounds like it could be movie material, as its such a exciting and high stakes tale!

    One thing I would say is that there are a few little mistakes, such as saying “spiking” instead of “spiky”. If you read your story aloud, maybe with your teacher, you would probably be able to spot them!

    A great story, keep on writing!

    Ana, Tea, 100wc, Oxford, England

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