100 word challenge-however, she couldn’t believe what she had done

A killer, hidden. Despite the hard work throughout this cold case, no one has uncovered the face behind the mask. Though I had picked up the case where it had been left off there was a middle-aged lady in the middle of it. Molly Maxwell, who had a split personality disorder. One sweet teacher what harm could she do. But that other person, the other half well let’s just say I didn’t think it was too sweet. The interrogation began on 92 Fletchers Street, where the truth was spilled before another life was lost. However,  she couldn’t believe what she had done. For an adored teacher to a masked killer.


BTN-Don’t Panic

Can you imagine being a Natural disaster, how would you react? Well, two families were put to the test and were helped by some experts, special effects and more. The first family to be put to the test is the Matthews they are facing a bushfire. The second family is facing a cyclone. Both of these recreations were to see how families react when a disaster hits them. By the look of things, the children are doing better than the parents. They reckon that they weren’t really ready and they think the same for a lot of other families. It’s important to have a plan and know it well in case of an emergency. Everyone should have a role around the house and you should practice it as a family.

I know understand that we should all have plans in case of a disaster and know it well.

Could they try more around the country with different disasters?


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BTN-Cape Town water crisis

Just to see the slightest bit of rain is enough to get people over there excited. Capetown is a city down the bottom of Africa, but for the last few years, they’ve been in a drought. But in the last few months, it’s gotten a whole lot worse. But even a little bit of water won’t help out the situation.  Authorities predict that the taps will turn off on June 4th, the call it day zero. In Australia, we’ve experienced restrictions but there’s is a whole other level. They only get 50 liters a day since February 1st. That doesn’t give you much because of stuff like laundry, dishes, and toilets all that is already 27 liters. If day zero arrives then people will have to start to walking to collection points to get 25 liters of water. The restrictions have made a difference pushing day zero further away.

I know understand the difficulty of not have water and the struggles that it causes as such a necessity.

How long till they run out of water?

Will the restrictions get tighter?

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100 word challenge- Bridge,Sprinkled,Pink,Daffodil,Huge

She was standing on the last place he stood on two feet, Bell Brook Bridge. Despite his huge personality and his pink cheeks, she could always see past that, he was something more. But he fell, down into the river. Well, that’s what people say she thought different, she thought he was pushed. She could hear him murmur words in the dark, she swears she saw his shadow that day after it happened. They lost the body down the river, but she found his daffodil that he carried everywhere. She knew something wasn’t right, she found clues sprinkled everywhere.


Herald Sun- Is Africa splitting apart

Facts-There have been massive cracks in a valley in Kenya. Is Africa splitting apart? Some scientists suggest that it’s actually splitting apart. The rips are growing deeper and longer as the time passes. Scientists believe that this crack will develop over time. They think in tens of millions of years Africa will be split in half. People first saw it after very heavy rainfall in Kenya. That rainfall caused a lot of damage like flooding areas and walls collapsing. Those waters created 7km long rips in the earth, it ripped a highway open and homes and cars got pulled down. Experts say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate.

Understanding/wonder- I wonder how this will affect Africa in the future

Question- When they do split apart will they have 2 separate names?




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100 word challenge- Breaking News

Welcome back to channel 9, there’s been a breaking discovery. A couple of farmers have recently found a new type a berry or nut. These farmers have also caught onto a disease. These farmers have unfortunately died and scientists aren’t sure how many more lives are to be lost. It is very spiking, is green and it grows on trees. If touched by it you will start to get headaches, colds a very mild flu and you’ll start to experience hallucinations it will eventually lead to death. At the moment scientists are still unsure for a cure.