BTN-Hawaii Volcano

BTN-Hawaii Volcano

Facts- People of Hawaii been running away as the Kilauea volcano spilt lava and land fountains of toxic gases into the streets. It already destroyed 26 homes. Few people were allowed to go back and collect valuable items such as pets and medicine during hours where the volcano was not very active. But others were not allowed to travel back to their areas because it’s consumed with poisonous sulphur dioxide gases coming out of the earth. Those visits back were well timed as the night after more lava came out from fissures which are slits and holes in the earth. So far no one has died or been injured by this volcano but it had a strong magnitude of 6.9 it was the strongest earthquake since 1975.  This caused rock slide and a coastal cliff to come down collapsing. Scientists predict more earthquakes and eruptions to happen in the next few months. Most of the activity is happening in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas. Kilauea has one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has been erupting constantly for 35 years. Most of their eruptions are effusive eruptions they flow continuously but don’t explode.

Understandings- I understand the effect it has on areas, things that some volcanoes can produce and types of eruptions.

Question- How many eruptions have there been?

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