100 word challenge- Creatures

100 word challenge- Creatures

It lurks through past you but so fast you don’t see it, it’s adapted to camouflage to all its surroundings. No one knows what it is but there have been sightings all over the town whispers and rumors of it. Scientists are yet to get an understanding of this creature but they’ve been told it’s a small light blue creature with a body of fish but with soft lizard-like legs and ears like a monkey. But what people don’t know is he’s a lost creature travelling through planets searching for a kind soul who will let him their life.

One thought on “100 word challenge- Creatures

  1. I really liked your work Aaliyah! At the beginning it was kind of scary, then mysterious when you talked about what the creature looked like, and at the end I felt kind of sorry for the creature. Good Work! Estella

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