BTN-Queensland Drought

BTN-Queensland Drought

Facts- A drought is where there little or no rain and it’s hard for farmers to feed animals and grow crops. It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing it’s always hot, dry and sticky out there. Angus and Lochy are 2 of many kids living in the Sunshine State. They have cattle, horses, and chooks but it’s a little harder to get to things out there like school and swimming lessons. Just imagine for us it probably only takes us 5-25 minutes to get to school and for some kids, it take’s 2 hours. Now 90% of Queensland is declared in drought, that’s the most widespread drought in the state they’ve ever recorded. Which makes things a little more complex so  Queensland state government will soon be giving farmers help until the rain comes back again.

Understandings- I know understand that it’s hard for people who live in hot weathers and their struggles. I also understand that it effects there animals and pay.

Questions- How come not much rain comes to Queensland?

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