BTN-The Ring of Fire

BTN-The Ring of Fire

Facts- On September 29th, 2009 at 7 am a huge group of massive ways tore through coastal villages in Samoa. Turning so many homes into rubble. Its cause was a massive earthquake on the sea floor near the coast of Samoa. The very next day another huge earthquake hit the Island of Sumatra. There about 10 000 kilometres away from each other, scientists say it’s unlikely they caused each other. There have been smaller earthquakes and disasters there in the last year. And almost 90% of earthquakes happened in that broad area, it’s called the Ring of Fire. Some of the largest earthquakes happen there like the tsunami in 2004 happened in the Ring of fire. It’s home to 3 quarters of the world’s volcanoes and some of the biggest eruptions. We live on the thin cool layer the crust but it’s not just one solid piece. It’s made of huge pieces called tectonic plates and quite a few go along the Ring of fire. Tectonic plates drift over the liquid rock and slowly over time change shape. Scientists think that millions of years ago they caused the change of the continents. But you can’t see it move because it grows and the pace of your fingernail. Volcanoes can happen this way too.  

Understandings- I know understand about tectonic plates, what they do and their effects. I also understand that so many people live there that we need to find out more about what’s happening below.

Question- How many plates are there?

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