100 word challenge- Shouted,Crimson,Misty,Frantically,Grave

My goal is to make the reader wonder

We slowly peddled along the gravel track, as it was getting foggy. The mist was surrounding us and nothing was to be seen ahead. As we went further down the track it turned into mud and we started seeing graves along the path. As we stopped and hopped off our bikes, we ran down to where there was a gate. We found a coffin door open, as we slowly walked towards it we heard a shout, and we huddled behind the grave. But I noticed that it had a soft crimson fabric, but there was nobody. We frantically rose up!

One thought on “100 word challenge- Shouted,Crimson,Misty,Frantically,Grave

  1. I really like your 100wc! I really think that you achieved your goal of making the reader wonder, also, really good incorporation of the words!

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