100 word challenge-but I didn’t understand the instructions

” So today is the day you get your results I know some of you did very well but others well let’s just say you tried” as she looked at me dead cold face.

” Know some of you will know be nervous to find out your results if you do however get below C+ you will be traveling to summer school with me” she said with pure excitement.

She handed the sheet over and in my hands was an F-. ” But that’s not possible miss, I tried so hard don’t do this to me. But I didn’t understand the instructions”.

”Well you’ll catch up in summer school won’t you”.

BTN- Hawaii Volcano 2

Facts- For the last few weeks lava has been continuously flowing on the streets. It doesn’t move fast but it destroys everything in its path. Kilauea is one of the worlds most active volcanos and it’s partly why Hawaii is here today. Hawaii is a hot spot volcano. They form over a place where rock or magma has built up under the earth’s crust. When there’s enough pressure a volcano forms but when it hits the water it cools down and becomes solid forming new islands. The hotspot will always stay in the same place but because of tectonic plates which are always moving, it pulls the islands away from the hotspot gradually. That’s why Hawaii’s group of islands look like that. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983. But this is the worst it’s been for a very long time. And more people are getting worried that as the lava drains out the volcano it’s going to get even more dangerous. Because the molten rock will heat up the water and will produce steam which could cause the mountain to explode.

Understanding- I know understand that Hawaii is a hotspot volcano where it builds up magma and when enough pressure it forms a volcano.

Question- How far have the islands moved since created?

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eSaftey Webinar

This morning we did a webinar about keeping our privacy and security safe. We were asked questions about how we could be safe online and then answered on a chat where school responded.

12% of Aussie kids from grades 3-6 get scammed and tricked. Usually, there are things that you buy into like you won a free iPhone or iPad click here to collect. Once you click on this usually a virus downloads onto your computer that’s why it’s important to make sure to do the correct thing. Other things are getting friend requests for video games and online chats sometimes people set up fake accounts pretending to be your friend and it downloads viruses and software.

Even simple things like if your friend got an attachment and opened it and there’s a virus it can spread to your contacts and all the other people they’ve got. Some more serious levels of scamming are for example Ransomware which locks down your computer and put encrypted code and viruses on your computer and asks you for money in a certain amount of time.

Scammers aren’t just people you don’t know they could be friends or siblings. You could tell your friend your password and after a year you might not be friends they can hack your computer and sometimes it’s just a simple joke. So you shouldn’t give personal info out.

To avoid hackers you can update security, turn off GPS, backup your data, use a firewall and you can report or block people, report content and don’t tell people your passwords you should always keep passwords strong.

And you should be very careful when using social media and when setting up accounts you should never use your full name and give information about yourself out.


BTN-Hawaii Volcano

Facts- People of Hawaii been running away as the Kilauea volcano spilt lava and land fountains of toxic gases into the streets. It already destroyed 26 homes. Few people were allowed to go back and collect valuable items such as pets and medicine during hours where the volcano was not very active. But others were not allowed to travel back to their areas because it’s consumed with poisonous sulphur dioxide gases coming out of the earth. Those visits back were well timed as the night after more lava came out from fissures which are slits and holes in the earth. So far no one has died or been injured by this volcano but it had a strong magnitude of 6.9 it was the strongest earthquake since 1975.  This caused rock slide and a coastal cliff to come down collapsing. Scientists predict more earthquakes and eruptions to happen in the next few months. Most of the activity is happening in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas. Kilauea has one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has been erupting constantly for 35 years. Most of their eruptions are effusive eruptions they flow continuously but don’t explode.

Understandings- I understand the effect it has on areas, things that some volcanoes can produce and types of eruptions.

Question- How many eruptions have there been?

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100 word challenge- Creatures

It lurks through past you but so fast you don’t see it, it’s adapted to camouflage to all its surroundings. No one knows what it is but there have been sightings all over the town whispers and rumors of it. Scientists are yet to get an understanding of this creature but they’ve been told it’s a small light blue creature with a body of fish but with soft lizard-like legs and ears like a monkey. But what people don’t know is he’s a lost creature travelling through planets searching for a kind soul who will let him their life.

BTN-Queensland Drought

Facts- A drought is where there little or no rain and it’s hard for farmers to feed animals and grow crops. It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing it’s always hot, dry and sticky out there. Angus and Lochy are 2 of many kids living in the Sunshine State. They have cattle, horses, and chooks but it’s a little harder to get to things out there like school and swimming lessons. Just imagine for us it probably only takes us 5-25 minutes to get to school and for some kids, it take’s 2 hours. Now 90% of Queensland is declared in drought, that’s the most widespread drought in the state they’ve ever recorded. Which makes things a little more complex so  Queensland state government will soon be giving farmers help until the rain comes back again.

Understandings- I know understand that it’s hard for people who live in hot weathers and their struggles. I also understand that it effects there animals and pay.

Questions- How come not much rain comes to Queensland?

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100 word challenge-…’when did it arrive?’ I said

I guess I wasn’t ready for this package, I guess it had been so long that I didn’t even know what it was the package was. Unless I didn’t actually order anything. I rushed over to the door as I heard frightening bangs, I looked through the spy hole and there was nothing. It was probably just the wind I thought to myself. Shaking I opened the door and a package lay there. ‘When did it arrive?’ I said to myself wondering if there really was someone there. The lights started flickering, whispers approaching I was shaking and shivering in fear.

BTN-The Ring of Fire

Facts- On September 29th, 2009 at 7 am a huge group of massive ways tore through coastal villages in Samoa. Turning so many homes into rubble. Its cause was a massive earthquake on the sea floor near the coast of Samoa. The very next day another huge earthquake hit the Island of Sumatra. There about 10 000 kilometres away from each other, scientists say it’s unlikely they caused each other. There have been smaller earthquakes and disasters there in the last year. And almost 90% of earthquakes happened in that broad area, it’s called the Ring of Fire. Some of the largest earthquakes happen there like the tsunami in 2004 happened in the Ring of fire. It’s home to 3 quarters of the world’s volcanoes and some of the biggest eruptions. We live on the thin cool layer the crust but it’s not just one solid piece. It’s made of huge pieces called tectonic plates and quite a few go along the Ring of fire. Tectonic plates drift over the liquid rock and slowly over time change shape. Scientists think that millions of years ago they caused the change of the continents. But you can’t see it move because it grows and the pace of your fingernail. Volcanoes can happen this way too.  

Understandings- I know understand about tectonic plates, what they do and their effects. I also understand that so many people live there that we need to find out more about what’s happening below.

Question- How many plates are there?

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100 word challenge- Shouted,Crimson,Misty,Frantically,Grave

My goal is to make the reader wonder

We slowly peddled along the gravel track, as it was getting foggy. The mist was surrounding us and nothing was to be seen ahead. As we went further down the track it turned into mud and we started seeing graves along the path. As we stopped and hopped off our bikes, we ran down to where there was a gate. We found a coffin door open, as we slowly walked towards it we heard a shout, and we huddled behind the grave. But I noticed that it had a soft crimson fabric, but there was nobody. We frantically rose up!