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BTN-Indigenous Anzacs

BTN-Indigenous Anzacs

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Facts- In almost every little or big town in Australia, there’s little reminders here and there of what the First world war cost our country. More than 60 thousand people died during the war and almost no community wasn’t affected by the war. 

Jack Shaw thinks it would’ve been hard for everyone including the people, knowing that everyone would return. But they still know that their fighting for everyone in our country.

Jack Shaw’s great, great uncles Rufus and Cyril Rigney were with 21 other Ngarrindjeri men who went off to war. Rufus was the youngest at 16 years and he lied about his age to enroll. Aboriginal, Australians weren’t considered a citizen of their own home back then. Even though they’ve fought against all our Aussies in every war we’ve ever been in. About 800 Aboriginal men enrolled for the 1 world war and thousands in the second. Many wanted to see the outside world and get a higher pay. In Australia they didn’t have basic right, but then as soldiers got treated the same as any other of their fellow soldiers and some went up to high military positions. Neither made it home, as they both died in Europe. In 2004 a student Donna saw the memorial and decided to do a project on it. She found that Rufus had a grave in Belgium and and saved up to visit. She brought back some dirt from his grave so his relatives could say goodbye. 2 year after that a cousin went and performed a traditional fire dance. The trip became regular a pilgrimage called connecting spirits. Every two year students go and visit the grave of Aussie soldiers who they researched. 

Jake Shaw- Said, it was a big thing for all the families that had people leaving. It doesn’t matter what they look like and their skin colour doesn’t change the sacrifice they made for our country.

Understandings- I know understand the importance of aboriginal rights on Anzac day and how important it is to families who had people not come back.

Questions- How come all the soldiers treated aboriginals the same and at home they didn’t get rights? 

100 word challenge- Above

100 word challenge- Above


You see shadows around the corner looking waiting. But what are they, flashing movements, in a blink of an eye you turn and there’s nothing there. Footprints left in the ground, if your lucking you might catch something but only just. You have to make sure it doesn’t find you. Sometimes you hear of missing children well this is where they go. It lurks in the forest, but don’t be out past your bedtime, cause it’s out too. When you hear dogs barking at night, it there waiting watching. So who’s going to be next, maybe you.

100 word challenge-Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

100 word challenge-Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress

It had come to soon, there wasn’t enough time to prepare. It was going to close soon, although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Everyone was still getting ready, it’s to early no one no’s what creatures from the depth would out. Their calls so faint but drag you in with one note. You get lost between the real world and what you used to know, you loose memory and lose track of the real things. The travelers got sucked in as one soul escaped the trap and as I said didn’t know what was real.

BTN-Facebook Data

BTN-Facebook Data

Facts- Some people are addicted to social media and can’t stop but while their busy getting likes and comments on their posts, there are people working behind the scenes. These people collect information off you, and if you’ve got social media it’s likely they’ve got stuff about you too. They can work out things like where you live, your education and your friends and start to create a map, of what your likely to be like. And a lot of sites like facebook target specific ads at you. But now Christopher Wylie claims that a big US research company he used to work for called cambridge analytica collected some data inappropriately and used that data to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election. Here’s how it happened. You know those quizzes you can do online? Like, what personality type do you have? They’re usually fun, but often, before you do them, you have to agree to share some of your personal information. And that’s where the trouble started Christopher says in 2014, Cambridge Analytica took information from people who did one of those quizzes and all their friends and used it to targets ads that were advertising Donald Trump and they might have helped him win the 2016 US election, and become president.  There are even more accusations now that data from Facebook might also have been used to tamper the result of the Brexit vote, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. When this news came out people weren’t happy. In fact, for many, it was a scandal big enough to make them log off for good. The hashtag Delete Facebook started trending and on the stock market the value of the company took a tumble.

Understandings- I know understand that a lot of stuff online and pop ups are to sway you into things and get the most information possible out of you.

Questions- How come it was only discovered now that Cambridge Analytica was doing this?

Goals check in

Goals check in

What I want to learn:

I want to learn about how the Australian government democracy and how decisions are made and how they affect our country, as well as different levels of parliament. ( I think I’ve achieved my Parliament goal because I’ve been following and looking at BTN’s and looking at books. I feel confident in different areas and answering question and giving understandings).

I would like to be more open to more types of books and not be so fussy. (I don’t think I’ve achieved being not fussy around books. Because I’ve found it hard finding fiction books and have been looking but had no success. I think I could achieve this by reading books that I don’t like because it good to read different types of books).

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Australian government

  1. Ask my parents about things they know about the government.
  2. Watch different BTN videos about how it works.


  1. Look and ask for recommendations.
  2. Go to the library and look genres I might like to read.


How I learn and behave:

I want to be able to use OneNote more often during classes, so I can look back at home. ( I think I’ve kind of achieved this goal, we used it alot and it was helpful when I needed to look back and it was efficient, except I didn’t really look back at home only sometimes, I think the reason I didn’t look back at home was because I didn’t need to).

I want to ask more questions during class. (I don’t really think I achieved this goal I forgot about it. I don’t really want to achieve this goal anymore because I think I don’t need to ask questions because I think i should only really ask questions if I need to). 


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


  1. Take more notes on it daily at least 3 lessons a week.
  2. Only taking key notes and add pictures to understand more.


  1. At least ask 2 question a day.


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