Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

We’ve been learning about Australian Democracy and my infographic was about the Three Branches of Parliament. Some of the infographic features are icons and pictures. I also added in titles, subtitles, paragraphs and a bibliography. I feel like I achieved putting my information in a logical order and it’s arranged in the best order.

One thought on “Infographic- Three Branches of Parliament

  1. Aaliyah,
    you should be proud of this infographic. Your headings, icons and setting out all help the reader understand and find the information they are seeking. You’ve included a great deal of your researched information in your own words and in a manner and order that is clear and easy to understand within each paragraph, while including appropriate examples of tier 3 vocab.
    Some things that you might look at if you were to create another infographic might be to include a glossary of the tier 3 words, and being a bit more creative in designing how the layout can assist the understanding (for example, as there are 3 branches, perhaps a tree or a triangle might have worked).
    Also, if you are thinking carefully about how you order the info, I would think that the exceptions paragraph would be better coming at the end-what do you think?
    Great work!

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