Letter to Ant

Letter to Ant

Dear Ant and everybody else,

First lot of things I want to say is I’m excited to be in year 6 this year, and I want to enjoy my last year of primary school with my wonderful class, friends and my support from my teacher.

Favourite things are

My names Aaliyah so some of the things I like and I’m interested in are tennis (I play competition and do lessons), my teams is maribyrnong park, I love sports in general, listening to music, writing and drawing. I love my family and they’re very supportive of me and help me get through school. My friends are the best and are awesome, when I was younger in kinder to grade 3 I only played with boys, until I met an awesome group of girls. Then my best friend left me, but she might be coming for high school where I’m going. I also love playing my musical instrument I played the cello for two 3 years but I changed to saxophone this year. I love watching movies, and one I watched recently was wonder. And I’m not girly girly like other girls.

What is my family like?

In my family I have my mum Clare, my dad Vikas, my twin brothers Ishwar and Ram and my sister Amira. My brothers are only twenty minutes apart and are always getting into trouble with their friends. They’re in grade 2 this year and are always hooked up to computers or anything technology based and went to code camp last spring holidays. They love the computer so much I bet you when there older they’ll be doing something based on tech as their job. And their always hanging out together. Know my sister on the other hand isn’t a girly girl but is sort of. She loves playing most sports. She’s one of those quirky acting girls. She also plays tennis like me and plays competition but in a lower grade then me. Amira loves listening to her music on her headphones and always starts dancing in the backyard and in our room. And one thing I have to say is as the middle child it means that she gets jealous all the time. Know my parents, my Mom Clare works as a manager at a gym, she’s the same age as my dad and has got 2 siblings. And right now she doing an MBA. My Dad Vikas is Indian, and he’s going to India for 3-6months for work. And he’s always picking us up from school and we always visit his parents all the time. And his dad (my grandpa) can do cartwheels proper ones. In India there house is three stories and when I came out of the airport I vomited after seeing a cow. My English grandma lives in Trentham and was the president of the garden club, my cousin Neallah is half French an also live lives in Trentham when we see our grandma we sleepover at our cousins and see kangaroos on the road and wild birds. Our uncle lives in Yea where my grandma lived as a child and they owned so many animals. With a dog curly who I thought was a horse when I was younger, but died a few years ago.

Something to share

Some of you may know this in grade 3 and grade 5 I did fundraisers. So for my 9th birthday I did a fundraisers for the royal children’s hospital, and had my birthday at the awesome park next door and instead of presents asked for money. I raised 350 dollars. And in grade 5 I raised money for the against malaria foundation for mosquito nets. I made origami rainbow flowers décor. And I raised about 5-6 hundred dollars.

What did you do in the holidays?

In the holidays at the start I went to my English grandma’s house and spent a few nights up there and spent Christmas there with my family. My mom got tonsillitis and we had to stay an extra night because she couldn’t drive home. 1 Week later we went to the Mornington peninsula and stayed with one of my mums old friends, and went to beach and saw jellyfish. Then after that we went to Hastings where we saw my one of my uncles my aunty and my little cousin Eva who’s very bouncy and bubbling. She’s always energized. She has a toy car and a doctor toy bag, where she used the tools as equipment to fix the car. We slept in tents there. And went along the beach where Ram started singing to the sea. 1 Week after that we saw them again in Yea where my great aunt lives, we were celebrating her 76th birthday and her selling her house after 50 years. Yea is a really nice little town with lots to explore. There was so much family at the party, to be honest I didn’t even know some of them were family. I made friend with my cousin Rosie who’s 13. I told you guys that Eva sat on my head, I was lying on the ground I thought she was stepping over but it was worse, now I literally scarred for life. Other times on the holidays we watched movie like when we went to watch Wonder with my grandma and I cried 3 times, and another time we saw coco with Zedekai and his family. Me, Amira and my Mum went to the Australian open. We went early and made a plate for a donation to the food foundation and ended up getting free passes to rod laver for the day. We saw Svitolina and Siniakova and I got one of their towels they used. Then we saw Wozniacki and Fett, Wozniacki was down the first set but she came back. After that we saw Nadal and Mayer and man did Mayer have a fast serve his fasted was 208 km an hour but Nadal in the end won. We saw a bit of Zverev, and a French player on a show court. But our last match we saw went from 7:30 till 10 something it was Carla Suarez Navarro and Babos. I actually got Carla’s signature. But from week 3 to this friday we had the boy’s class turtle, bubbles who was so cute, on the really hot days we couldn’t take him outside on the grass, so we turned the bath on and put some water in and his rock, and his swam there. Other days we went on playdates or stayed home.

What do you hope to do in the Future?

I don’t really know what I want to do in the future job wise. I really have a big passion for tennis, and play competition. I’m actually the youngest in my team, and for a young age I’m doing well for how high I am. But there’s probably going to be a lot of different jobs in the future. But in the future years in high school I want to do more of my fundraisers for different organizations.

Thanks for listening, see you guys in class 😄

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3 thoughts on “Letter to Ant

  1. I love how you are so enthusiastic about learning and doing your school work. It was great reading your letter to Ant, perhaps before posting next time you could show it to someone who could help with grammar and punctuation. Can’t wait to see all the things on your blog as you go through Grade 6 this year!

  2. 2 positive i love how u are excited about being in your last year in primary school i also like how
    u set your writing out
    1 one thing to improve on is make a bit more exciting parts
    u did a very good job cleo

  3. Wow Aaliyah,
    it was such a pleasure reading this and getting to know you so well through all the specific details you included.
    It is very clear how much you care for others, and how thoughtful and insightful you are.
    I thought your final insight about how there will be new jobs emerging in the future, but that there will always be a need for people to care for people in need, drew together these two aspects of your personality wonderfully.
    I’m very excited out sharing our learning together this year,

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