100 word challenge-Divorce

The screaming and yelling echoed all through the apartment. Tears dripped down my face slowing. As the door slammed, I knew he was gone forever. He drove of down the alley way. As I rushed quickly down the alley, but all I could see was a few cars speeding through the lights. But then I saw his car him looking back at me. My Mum came out from the apartment, and I fell into her arms. How could he leave us like that? And more importantly how could he leave me like this? He shouted but I was too broke to listen.


100 word challenge-Missing

This afternoon, Police have found a sighting an unidentified persons legs sticking out of the water in swamp Jeffery’s. They are wearing denim blues jeans and tacky old boots. No one knows where the other half has been laid. The killer is yet to be found and weirdly enough fruits and vegetables are floating in the water. No one has seen anything yet. People think there has been a fight. Everyone has been staying clear of the swamp. But this isn’t the first time this has happened. The last time it did more than one innocent life was taken.

100 word challenge-My secret object

She’s beautiful and I’ve been in her life since 2006. She’s got long brown wavy hair, and blue eyes. She’s loving and 3 other children are in her life. She’s always filled with joy and is happy to help.  She’s constantly working 5 days a week, but she’s still got time for others. She’s caring and kind. And has had someone else in her life since 2003. She is really nice and filling joy to people. She is 38 years old and works at a Gym and manages it. She works really hard and sometimes gets overwhelmed.