Describing characters in Fiction- My forever home

This is my reflection on describing characters in fiction. Using 5 main points, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Philosophical. I’m using the Story my Forever Home by Gail. It was a story about a stray cat who’s trying to find his own place. As he does humans come and create something new. He finds a Family that cares for him and finds his home.

If you would like to read the story press this link and it will take you to a word document-My-Forever-Home-1v94wzi-qepez7

Physical– The character is a cat. I think he was a stray, probably weak and he described himself as scruffy, dirty and messed up. The physical attributes helps him with daily things. Because cats are good climbs it explains why he was so good at climbing up trees and buildings. He also was probably had good eyesight talking about how he could see the beautiful seaside. I think having this posture for him is very helpful and likes having these skills. You could picture his body type as weak but still bearable at first. After people started feeding him and caring, you would have thought he was healthy and fit. He said that people don’t want someone like him so maybe his hygiene comes into to play and also that he’s a feral animal.

Intellectual– He seems quite smart because he seems to be understanding everything that’s going on with his life and what things are called. He seems to understand others actions and what they’re doing. This character knows a lot about human life, and progress/development in our daily lives. He seemed to be using wow a lot and using a bit of slang. Sometimes how you talk and the way you do it tells your intelligence. He seemed to be a bit below the rest he still understood things but in a different way. The more things he knew about what the humans were doing it was easier for him to act the way he physical attributes could respond. The more new things that happen the more he understands.

Emotional– I think Sammie was very grateful for what he had and that the family took him in. He was very excitable and optimistic in all the situations. He’s like one of those average cats who likes people around him and likes having fun like climbing things. He wasn’t to over the top about things but he just stayed relaxed. He seems pretty happy with where he is in life. When faced with challenges in the story his feelings don’t change, he just stay’s calm.

Social– I think he enjoyed being social with the family and have someone to love him. He did like his own place but wasn’t annoyed by other people being around him. He doesn’t really choose his friends because his friends choose him which are the humans. Being social for him in this story affects where he lives. If he didn’t walk up to the people and be friendly they wouldn’t have given him a home or food.

Philosophical– I think Sammie believes that life is harsh and not everything goes the way you want it to. I think what he believes in is based on what he has experienced himself. Because he knows not everything goes your way he knows that you shouldn’t beg and let things happen. I think he thought at first that everything was going to be perfect all the time but after his experienced he knew that wasn’t the case.

I think I’m like this character I’m adventurous like my personal space sometimes, and I know that not everything goes my way. I think that my Mom and Grandma are like this to.

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