Charles Reflection- 5 Fiction facts

  1. Fiction is all about the character: I think the main character in this story was Laurie. In the story it said this line- He abandoned corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt and a baseball cap. Laurie is misbehaved, doesn’t listen, rude, disrespectful. He also calls people names and swears. He doesn’t listen to rules and made up his own person, just for himself and his own purposes. His mother found out this weeks after all the incidents.
  2. Fiction is all about what the character wants: I think Laurie wants to feel good about himself because he’s always getting in trouble. I think Laurie made up Charles so he can blame all the things he did on someone else, and so he feels like a good kid.
  3. Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants: Laurie is both successful and not. What Laurie wants doesn’t change what he wants throughout the story. Laurie succeeds by making up Charles and his parents believing him, and succeeds truly by seeing that and thinking that Charles is bad he thinks that he should be good. But he didn’t succeed because his Mom finds out all that trouble was caused by Laurie at the parent teacher interviews and that Laurie was lying. His obstacles that he has to encounter is his parents, teacher and at home.
  4. Fiction is all about how your character changes: Laurie changes when one day he comes home from school saying that ‘’ Charles’’ was acting good all the time. So that means that Laurie has changed his behaviour at school. Laurie at the start was very rude and physically violent. At the end he was very good and listened. I think that Laurie learned being bad doesn’t change the fact about what you’re doing and different attitudes can make an impact in different ways. THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT BECAUSE IT CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO THE THEME AND MESSAGE!!
  5. Fiction is all about a world an author creates: I think the created the book by making it relatable because a lot of people haven’t done such as bad as things but made mistakes. This world is very similar to ours but probably in another country and a little while back thinking about the clothes, teacher materials and the punishments they used in school times. Some of the places it had where school, home and the classroom. Some people where the parents, baby sister, teacher and students. A lot of things she included where things that we knew so we got a clear image. Some conflicts were Laurie asking another girl to swear and saying it himself and him lying and being violent. Some of the good things in this world were was Laurie had a kind mother and school tried to help him. Some bad things was that the teacher didn’t talk to Laurie’s mother earlier.

This is a world where everything is relatable because it’s all the same and nothing is different.

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