100 word challenge- Weather changes

I’m a weather journalist and if any crazy happens I faint but then I miss it. I love going round the world seeing what’s going to happen each day. I had crashed my plane a few months ago, I’m not sure why I thought I could fly a plane. It was like land were in every corner was a different season. I went to a lake and got some fresh water, THE WEATHER CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!! The snow was tumbling down the hill and the sun shone over, the snow pushed me strong and the sun bravely caused everything to melt.


One thought on “100 word challenge- Weather changes

  1. Hi Aaliyah nice stories but some of it didn’t make sense like how she faints when something crazy happens but her plane crashes and she doesn’t faint but overall it’s good.
    Nice exaggeration like THE WEATHER CHANGED DRAMATICLY!!

    -By Harry and Swailey.

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