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This week’s BTN was about food waste at school, this is the link to wipe out waste-

Facts: These kids are doing the job of taking the trash, but there looking at what it is first. Immanuel Primary has been encouraging each other. They sorted their landfill bins into different rubbish groups/areas. There’s organic, paper/cardboard, food and 10c return plastic bottles. There just one of many hard working schools on a mission to reduce, recycle and reuse anything in their path. It’s all part of the teaching program to teach kids how to wipe out waste. They want to set a new goal each year to reduce the amount of plastic they produce. Every year Aussies throw out about 50 tonnes of waste, which is about two tonnes per person. Most of the waste can actually be composted or reduced, recycled and reuse. Some schools are also looking at putting it in the right bin. At school of the sea each class has three bins. First there’s compost that can break down in the environment like food scraps, compostable paper and garden materiel. Then there’s recycle, which can be reused like paper and glass anything with a logo. Then there’s reduce this is rubbish that can recycled or composted which is like food packaging and broken things, that can’t be repaired. This is the stuff that ends up in land fill. But these guys are hoping to reduce that waste so much that by term 4 they could be completely bin free. JUDAH, says he’s trying to get more nude food. They also want to get more containers instead of food wrappers. Ruby said Say if you had a chip packet maybe buy the bigger packet and then put that into a container and then bring it home and wash it so that we are sending less to landfill. Georgie also said so, what we’re trying to do at our school is we’re trying to reduce the amount of landfill. So, this little bin will replace the landfill bin in our classrooms and our goal is to just fill this up each day of landfill. Every term both Star of the Sea and Emmanuel have an audit, to make sure everything is going into the right bin and to keep them focused on their goal. PARIS: Each class brings their green bins to the middle of the courtyard and we take all the compost things to the compost bin. JEMMA: If we see a plastic zip lock bag we would most likely take it out and put in the landfill bin because it won’t break down. Both schools are working towards just one wheelie bin a week. And it won’t be to long before they can proudly say that their school is completely waste free.

 Understandings: I know understand that schools are working towards being waste free. And that teachers are encouraging it by teaching them about landfill and pollution. Some schools set goals and a target of bins and rubbish they collect. They also try to help each other by bringing bottles and containers.


Questions: How many schools our doing the wipe out waste program?

How many bins does each school have to collect rubbish?

How much rubbish does the average family produce in a year?

Do the green team support this program and collect fundraisers for schools?


 My opinion: I feel that schools should be teaching children what happens if you throw out wrappers and plastic packets. And what it effects it has on the nature and animals. But how we can reduce, reuse and recycle your rubbish. And that we can set goals on how much rubbish we produce.

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