100wc : wide, orange, crocodile, collapsed, within

My goal is to set my story in a historical moment

As the sun set with so many colours joining and birds flashed and fluttered across the river Nile. Once the darkness came within, vast orange shadows spread far and wide across the land. It was the Roman army foraging forward to take the land. Young Cleopatra got all her slaves big and tall, thick and thin. She pointed her finger down into the darkness of Giza to hide her treasures and jewels. She set mazes and traps, she even set a crocodile swamp down in the depths. She was the last remaining emperor, as her kingdom had collapsed in destruction.

One thought on “100wc : wide, orange, crocodile, collapsed, within

  1. I love how you did a historical moment and it is different to my opinion. You say as if it as a last heroic stand I saw her as a coward. But it is only my opinion! 🙂 You did a good job and something different.
    Keep Writing.

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