BTN challenge: Citizenship changes

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Facts: It’s something that we all have in common you don’t have to be famous, it’s we are all from somewhere else and become Australian citizens. Pretty much everyone who was born here is automatically an Australian citizen. But if you’re born in another country you need  an australian citizenship certificate. It makes you an official australian citizen, you have the same rights, responsibilities as any australian would like voting, taxes and living here as long as you want. Every year more than 100thousand people from 200 nations are given this important piece of paper which lets you attend to a special ceremony and you swear an oath to be loyal to australia, and for most citizens it’s something to be proud of. The federal government says it should be an honour that’s only given to people who plan and uphold our country’s laws and values. So the last few years ago they announced that it wants to make some changes to australian citizenship. Malcolm Turnbull, says there’s no more important title in our democracy than australian citizenship. The australian citizenship that institution must respect australian values. Back in 2007 the prime minister John Howard said something similar about potential citizens. So Mr Howard introduced a citizenship test, it’s written in english and it’s in multiple choice, including questions on australian history, culture, values like’ what do we remember on Anzac day’. Every 18-60 year olds applying for citizenship has to take that test and they have to be a permanent resident for at least a year. Now the government decided they want to make the test harder. Under new plan people have to be residents for four years before applying for the test. They have to undergo criminal background checks. They have to prove they can speak english fluently and be asked questions. If they agree the with the question like respecting women, equal rights. The number of people that try again and fail is a lot, and if you keep trying and failing you’ll be limited. On the top of that they have to prove trying to fit in with society like working, dropping kids off and joining in clubs. But some people don’t like the change and it’s not fair they have to wait even longer. And the test doesn’t show what they think about values. They reckon the harder language is limited to some people who are learning.


Questions- If you come over if you’ve already got family are you still aloud?

When did australian citizenship become a thing?

Who was the first person to take the test and what country did they come from?


Understanding- I know understand that it’s hard to get in. It seems confusing and pressuring, you have to learn a new language and take a test to be a citizen, i also found out that you have a ceremony to celebrate. It proves that people are tested on history, culture and behaviour. And it’s been around for a while and it’s hard to meet new people and fit in.

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