100 word challenge: Nothing new

Goal: To write different types of texts.

Dear Diary,

It’s been so hard, painful and lonley. Everyone stares with their bulging flashing eyes. They think I’m different and weird beacause of my skin. It dosen’t feel nice I feel as if everyone is absentminded their so distracted by their beauty. But they look down on me their rising above into a new error. Before they came are land was harmonius, beautiful vibes floated through our majestic land. Colour and wonder spread across every mind and each had a symbolic power of freedom. But they thought we were crazy and they chased and punished us. Their coming! You now have the power to make a difference.

Quote: It doesn’t matter how big or small or if your skin is different it only makes a difference by who you are only your inner feelings and self reflect on who you are. A little magic can take you along way away. Everyone’s different in their own way.


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