100 word challenge: Page Turner

My writing goal is to have better punctuation and grammar.

Lucy was whispering to the birds while the bees were buzzing. And the wind floating along her press powdered cheek, she could could feel warm and welcoming vibes twisting around her body. But soon she would have to depart the only world she had ever known, her face fell as everything was floating in to a deep dark whole with a world of darkness. She would sail across the sea with her father and brother. The only entertainment she had on the sail boat, was a book sailing to the end of the world. As days passed her pages turned, ignoring the countries and new lands to see. She was so stuck in her book that she was swallowed inside, and after all these years if you find the boat you’ll hear her whispering the tune of her favorite song.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge: Page Turner

  1. Hi Aaliyah
    I really liked the descriptive words you used in the text it really makes a clear image in your head of what’s happening I could also tell that you have spent some time working on your punctuation\grammar, I really liked your text

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