BTN challenge: Cyclone Debbie

BTN challenge: Cyclone Debbie





It’s a tropical storm, with combined winds,rain,storms and destroys homes, trees, and crops along the north coast of Queensland on Tuesday 23rd of March. Afterwards tens of thousands of people were left without power and homes. Just like Hunter who lives in Cannon Valley. It was a devastating scene he was outside and his whole family rushed inside to the bathroom because the winds were  so strong. Some people had to be evacuated, while others were stocking up on batteries and water and some protecting their homes and businesses by sandboarding them. Another child Ashley she’d woken up it was messy, paper everywhere, trees fallen as well as branches and when sunny sweeping up leaves. She only got water for about 5 days until they had baths in the pool and had a bucket of water tipped over her head as a shower. The support teams were cleaning up the streets and even kids pitched in. Neighbours were all helping and joined together. They all made the best of the situation. Cause the power went out people got people had to get out and share generators. Cyclone Debbie was one of Australia’s most affective cyclones. It caused floods up to 3 metres high.

I now understand that Cyclone Debbie affected a lot of people in North Australia. It caused houses to break and fall as well as shops. It also affected how people communicate with phones and the internet. I know that it was disturbing and damaged a lot of people.

How did cyclone debbie form?

Where did it start?

Who spotted it and how did they spot it?

Did it spread to other place other than Queensland?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your understandings and questions. They show a very good understanding of the article you responded to. Well done Aaliyah.

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