100 word challenge-missing souls

Hi I’m a solider I was the general I fought in many wars far and wide around the world travelling countries. At the age of 99 I stopped and settled down my wiggling old bones could crack like an egg by now. Did I mention I could talk to zombies, ghosts and monsters right well I went to the museum and saw the timeline of all the jobs and people who were great at it. I wondered off to look at this wall two men seemed to have gotten trapped, no wait they were soldiers. Lest we forget, the Anzac’s of Australia



5 thoughts on “100 word challenge-missing souls

  1. this is a really cool and interesting 100wc but i do think it would be better if you weren’t limited to 100 words. you did a good job of it even if you seemed to rush the story. great job!

  2. Great description. I thought how you worded this piece was quite amazing. I think that you should definitely go back and proofread your writing because I noticed some punctuation errors. But you still did a excellent job.

  3. hi Aaliyah,
    loved your post!i really liked how you based it on the ANZACs and the last bit. you maybe could make sure that its all readable next time, but other than that i thought it was great. 😀

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