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Month: April 2017

100 word challenge: Nothing new

100 word challenge: Nothing new

Goal: To write different types of texts.

Dear Diary,

It’s been so hard, painful and lonley. Everyone stares with their bulging flashing eyes. They think I’m different and weird beacause of my skin. It dosen’t feel nice I feel as if everyone is absentminded their so distracted by their beauty. But they look down on me their rising above into a new error. Before they came are land was harmonius, beautiful vibes floated through our majestic land. Colour and wonder spread across every mind and each had a symbolic power of freedom. But they thought we were crazy and they chased and punished us. Their coming! You now have the power to make a difference.

Quote: It doesn’t matter how big or small or if your skin is different it only makes a difference by who you are only your inner feelings and self reflect on who you are. A little magic can take you along way away. Everyone’s different in their own way.


BTN challenge: Poo crew

BTN challenge: Poo crew

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Green: Facts

Blue: Questions

Red: Understandings




It’s something that we all have in common we all poo, it’s part of our everyday life. But no one really knows what happens after you flush the toilet. Until some kids changed that and started studying poo. Don’t worry it may seem gross but it’s science. These guys are looking at the science of water waste treatment, otherwise known as Bolivar waste treatment plant. The population of Adelaide is 1.2 million people producing an average of about 240,000kg of faeces a day and 4.2million litres of urine a day. That sounds like a lot but 99.99 percent of that stuff goes to the plant in water. The smell isn’t that bad as you think, thanks to the chemicals in a tower which takes away a lot of pong. The first thing that gets removed is the paper and plastic, as well as toys. Probably once or twice a week they get a call from a little old lady who says I flushed my teeth down the toilet. When the chunks of the stuff are all out it goes to the tanks, where the thick sludgy stuff stinks to the bottom. After treatment and a few years drying out the sludge will be used by farmers as fertilisers. As for the water or effluent, it’s sent to tanks, where microorganisms, help clean it up by chowing down all the nasty yucky stuff. The process produces methane gas which is used to power the plant. The plant does lots of recycling and we produce fertilizer. We produce heat were also producing electricity off in the power station. We’re cleaning up once we’ve finished, we fairly clean water and we can discharge it into the environment. Once it’s been cleaned up it goes to Bolivar into these big lagoon were the sun helps kill off germs. While we can’t drink it so, some will be used for watering gardens and other water to flush the toilet. There’s a little ring muscle near your bum called the anal sphincter and you squeeze all your poo out and it goes to the water treatment, and that’s where it all starts. You might not know but your body is always creating new POO. This is what some kids found out, we’ve learnt how there are different bubbles react to different bacteria.



Do you or what type of equipment do you wear?

When the poo goes down are there different sewage line for different suburbs?

 How many poo treatments are there in Australia?



I know understand the process in which poo is turned into fertilizer, watering gardens or flushing toilets. I understand where it goes and different developments and how much goes down there and how they deal with the smell. I know how much people produce and which stages it has to go through and all the chemicals that are used. I’ve also found out what muscles are used to poo.



100 word challenge: Page Turner

100 word challenge: Page Turner

My writing goal is to have better punctuation and grammar.

Lucy was whispering to the birds while the bees were buzzing. And the wind floating along her press powdered cheek, she could could feel warm and welcoming vibes twisting around her body. But soon she would have to depart the only world she had ever known, her face fell as everything was floating in to a deep dark whole with a world of darkness. She would sail across the sea with her father and brother. The only entertainment she had on the sail boat, was a book sailing to the end of the world. As days passed her pages turned, ignoring the countries and new lands to see. She was so stuck in her book that she was swallowed inside, and after all these years if you find the boat you’ll hear her whispering the tune of her favorite song.

BTN challenge: Cyclone Debbie

BTN challenge: Cyclone Debbie





It’s a tropical storm, with combined winds,rain,storms and destroys homes, trees, and crops along the north coast of Queensland on Tuesday 23rd of March. Afterwards tens of thousands of people were left without power and homes. Just like Hunter who lives in Cannon Valley. It was a devastating scene he was outside and his whole family rushed inside to the bathroom because the winds were  so strong. Some people had to be evacuated, while others were stocking up on batteries and water and some protecting their homes and businesses by sandboarding them. Another child Ashley she’d woken up it was messy, paper everywhere, trees fallen as well as branches and when sunny sweeping up leaves. She only got water for about 5 days until they had baths in the pool and had a bucket of water tipped over her head as a shower. The support teams were cleaning up the streets and even kids pitched in. Neighbours were all helping and joined together. They all made the best of the situation. Cause the power went out people got people had to get out and share generators. Cyclone Debbie was one of Australia’s most affective cyclones. It caused floods up to 3 metres high.

I now understand that Cyclone Debbie affected a lot of people in North Australia. It caused houses to break and fall as well as shops. It also affected how people communicate with phones and the internet. I know that it was disturbing and damaged a lot of people.

How did cyclone debbie form?

Where did it start?

Who spotted it and how did they spot it?

Did it spread to other place other than Queensland?

100 word challenge: he walked through the door

100 word challenge: he walked through the door

He walked through the door and then a young boy maybe 3 or 4, always explored. He always wanted to see what was on the other side. He thought it was going to be a nice field with huts, fresh flowers and birds fluttering along, sky high. Animals hurrying along the soil. But one time on the wooden old mouldy slats of the door knocked and the door turned open. Smoke was flowing through the dirty air and crunched leaves danced along the hard soil. War and pollution had risen. He closed the rickety, rackety door shut his eyes and fell.

100 word challenge-missing souls

100 word challenge-missing souls

Hi I’m a solider I was the general I fought in many wars far and wide around the world travelling countries. At the age of 99 I stopped and settled down my wiggling old bones could crack like an egg by now. Did I mention I could talk to zombies, ghosts and monsters right well I went to the museum and saw the timeline of all the jobs and people who were great at it. I wondered off to look at this wall two men seemed to have gotten trapped, no wait they were soldiers. Lest we forget, the Anzac’s of Australia



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