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Aged to two Ahn Do escaped from Vietnam he was at sea for five days and then reached Australia. There were two pirate attacks were his brother Khoa Do was snatched out of his mother’s hands and threatened to be thrown overboard, they wanted coins, jewellery and money and found money in his dipper. His brother got fifth young Australian of the year for his speeches. A German ship rocked up and brought them aboard but they did it by throwing his dad and axe they were speaking German so they didn’t understand until he found out he had to smash the boat the captain couldn’t save them unless the boat was sinking. The first thing that happened was they were introduced by nums and gave them a huge bag of clothes, half of the clothes were for a little boy and half a little girl. But there mum didn’t care they’d been through starvation and war she won’t chuck the clothes back so she put the girl clothes on his brother and because he looked like a boy in girls clothes she grew his hair longer. The reason they moved because his other uncle fort along Aussie soldiers one of his uncles was a sapper that cleared land for American and Australian soldiers, he was watching TV and saw sapper in Afghanistan this guy doesn’t look nervous looking for minefields.  


 What route did they take to Australia?

Was Ahn do scared about his little brother getting thrown off board?


I know understand what refugees had to go through and the harsh conditions. They needed to move away from family and friends and needed to understand a new language and culture. I would be so confused it would all seem to confusing.

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