BTN-Two convicts steal a place in history





Soldiers Sudd and Thompson thought they were stealing cotton but they were stealing a place in history. But they wanted to get caught on purpose soldiers got very low amounts of money to get boredom and sickness. So getting caught was a privilege. They thought convicts got it good. They got assigned hours, good pay rates and once done they got to apply for land grants. But governor darling wanted to set an example of Thompson and Sudd and set them in chains. Their punishment was to get chained up on their arms legs and neck.  It was called torture the prisoners couldn’t stand or walk properly it was dreadful. Sudd couldn’t bear it so he went to  hospital where his chain got removed although he died in agony 5 days later. 

I understand that it was harsh for convicts. While loads of people were stealing to survive. They would regret their decision. The English didn’t really realise how good they got it.

Why did they think they were going to be convinced and not not chained up? 


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