Camp was amazing with so many opportunities and we got a chance to work with other people. My team was Heidi, Alexia, Emily, Jake, Martin and Declan. When I went snorkeling it was amazing seeing all the coral and different fish and waves pushing against me after we went on the boat going around the island it was awesome the seals were doing tricks and splashing around in the ocean I even got to stroke one. We couldn’t go into the cage the tides were to strong but never mind.

After in the bright sun was Geo caching there were hidden tags around the camp and on the beach, it was great exploring and the riddles were awesome. In the end the other team open the chest but we got more points and won the mars bars. We did abseiling I got over my fear of heights and achieved my goal. I got a few scratches and the harness was uncomfortable. It was weird but in the end it was fun. In the morning we went surfing we got a wet suit on and practiced on the sand then we dived in to the water I failed sometimes and others rode on the board then fell off and sprained my leg.  We went sand boarding down the dunes the hill was straight up and so hard to climb up some people fell off their boards. And we went caving it was so dark and we saw megabytes growing and drank cave water it was sweet and fresh. We had archery lessons the bows are sharp and I got 2 bull eyes. And don’t get me started about seal tours we went in a cave where it echoed. .

One thought on “Camp

  1. hi Aaliyah
    I loved reading your perspective on camp it was really great!
    though i do think that you could have been a bit more discriptive about most of it because i know you where trying to cram in every single thing but just at the end you said ” and dont get me started on the seal tours…” you kind of just ended there with one thing about it that the cave echoed… there where little seal pups that frolicked in the waves and bigger seals that surfed the giant waves that rold and crashed onto the rocks but i still think that it was a great recount


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