Adam Hills Interview-Ahn Do BTN

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Aged to two Ahn Do escaped from Vietnam he was at sea for five days and then reached Australia. There were two pirate attacks were his brother Khoa Do was snatched out of his mother’s hands and threatened to be thrown overboard, they wanted coins, jewellery and money and found money in his dipper. His brother got fifth young Australian of the year for his speeches. A German ship rocked up and brought them aboard but they did it by throwing his dad and axe they were speaking German so they didn’t understand until he found out he had to smash the boat the captain couldn’t save them unless the boat was sinking. The first thing that happened was they were introduced by nums and gave them a huge bag of clothes, half of the clothes were for a little boy and half a little girl. But there mum didn’t care they’d been through starvation and war she won’t chuck the clothes back so she put the girl clothes on his brother and because he looked like a boy in girls clothes she grew his hair longer. The reason they moved because his other uncle fort along Aussie soldiers one of his uncles was a sapper that cleared land for American and Australian soldiers, he was watching TV and saw sapper in Afghanistan this guy doesn’t look nervous looking for minefields.  


 What route did they take to Australia?

Was Ahn do scared about his little brother getting thrown off board?


I know understand what refugees had to go through and the harsh conditions. They needed to move away from family and friends and needed to understand a new language and culture. I would be so confused it would all seem to confusing.

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100 Word challenge-Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

Roll up, roll up taste testing top master chef food. Top quality beautiful and fresh the photographer was snapping about with the camera. This was a festival but the manager was worried there was a brown thing on every ones head had poo on it. Wait there was a magical portal to an opposite dimension it was so hard to fit in there. There were geeks trying to kiss the manager but they really wanted to invite him to the Halloween party. But they ended up at the queens coronation they all became servants, scrubbing her stinky,dirty toes. The End

Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera

BTN challenge-Federation explained





Australia’s one country on a vast area of land. Most Australians speak English. But things could have changed in 1642 Abel Tasman he stumbled across Tasmania if he stuck around we might all be speaking Dutch. What we know call Australia wasn’t this until 1770, Captain James Cook claimed a big chunk of Australia. The British created a colony but in 1880 there were six colonies, and Great Britain was the head of them all. Even though they shared the same continent they were like six different countries. The states had their own defence forces and their own railway systems then you could travel by train between Melbourne and Brisbane. Eventually the colonies wanted to join they thought they’d have a bigger army and defence force. But they were still suspicious of each other. The colonies with the most people Victoria and New South Vales were worried they’d have to invite the smaller states with the most money. The smaller states ones thought the bigger states had too much power and control. The colonies could have tossed it in and become completely different countries. It happened with America it split up into Canada and the U.S.A. In Asia, India had to fight a war before Great Britain let them have independence. There things went much more smoothly each colony decided that each have the same amount of senators, so the smaller colonies wouldn’t be so outnumbered. On July the 9th Australia 1900 Great Britain decided to let the countries go. January the 1st 1901 the federation happened. All the colonies joined together to create one big family the commonwealth of Australia. The Australian Capital Territory and the Northern territory were joined later on. It wasn’t all happy families woman couldn’t vote till 1902 and most aboriginal couldn’t vote federally until 1962. They weren’t officially counted in Australia’s population until 1972. States and Territories (Queensland, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Australia and Tasmania).

I know understand the relationships between the colonies and the laws and people that were part of the country and what happened to them.

Why did they name NT and ACT a territory? Who created the names of the states where they named after people or things? What made the British let Australia free?!/media/1961881/federation-explained

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100 word-challenge/ but how can something be so tiny

In the world of boredom in bore kingdom of yawn town there was a tall handsome man who thought of himself only he was dumb, stupid and a total dummy. He was rich and had all the things he ever wanted toys, instruments, money, riches and all sorts of transport. He was the town bully. But one day he found a flower on the step of his door he heard a voice no one believed me but there were little tiny people he said ’’ but how can something be so tiny.’’ But what’s in the distance on the horizon.

..but how can something so tiny …


100 word challenge-so that is why I am always last

So that is why I’m always last at everything, I don’t care at losing I don’t mind at least I tried. I’m last at cooking, I killed my parents with radioactive chemicals. Well they didn’t die but turned in to aliens trying to destroy the planet of plodo with unicorns, rainbows and plants made out of sweets. I am lonely but I have my dog which I froze with my wand. I found out that in the future I became president but I hate paper work and politics. So I made myself a god I’m awesome, I was in heaven.

BTN-Two convicts steal a place in history





Soldiers Sudd and Thompson thought they were stealing cotton but they were stealing a place in history. But they wanted to get caught on purpose soldiers got very low amounts of money to get boredom and sickness. So getting caught was a privilege. They thought convicts got it good. They got assigned hours, good pay rates and once done they got to apply for land grants. But governor darling wanted to set an example of Thompson and Sudd and set them in chains. Their punishment was to get chained up on their arms legs and neck.  It was called torture the prisoners couldn’t stand or walk properly it was dreadful. Sudd couldn’t bear it so he went to  hospital where his chain got removed although he died in agony 5 days later. 

I understand that it was harsh for convicts. While loads of people were stealing to survive. They would regret their decision. The English didn’t really realise how good they got it.

Why did they think they were going to be convinced and not not chained up? 


100 word challenge-giants hand comes from beneath!

I was admiring the beautiful paintings sculptured around at the festival. As I saw weird machine it had saws chugging on a handle. As l was disappearing fading away from the human world.  As to girls came up to me and started sitting on me thinking i was a statue. But an evil spirit came above me and i rose up to be a giant. I want to show humans that everyone has the same rights but i took it to far i let all the zoo animals out. I got friends from the land of tales. And all was right. 

100 Word challenge

One day there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky and a giant crab that was yellow found a remarkable owl. He deeply in love however he didn’t know she was a monster trying to discover the gingerly tasting rock. Then he discovered a badge on her jacket he knew what she was so he caught her in a cage. His friend dragon helped him to find a owner so he got Jamie Elliot. But instead she was a target for the ball and bruises and broken bones everywhere. Really she deserved it. She was a big pain in the neck.







Camp was amazing with so many opportunities and we got a chance to work with other people. My team was Heidi, Alexia, Emily, Jake, Martin and Declan. When I went snorkeling it was amazing seeing all the coral and different … Continue reading