BTN- First Fleet and Aboriginals


These videos were about how aboriginals and English relationships. English thought that Aboriginals were animals and didn’t think they were civilized. English believed that with their medicine and building and food they were the top dogs. Because many English kid that were poor and were in slaved doing cooking, making beds and clothes and sweeping chimneys. Many children stole and then gave away whatever they could find they were then imprisoned and sailed to Australia. Not even half the convict’s survived there were very poor conditions bugs and insects crawled in with the food they made and drank their own wee. Aboriginals thought the English were invading their land and how they destroyed their culture, chopping down trees and making buildings. Aboriginals got strange diseases from the convicts like the measles, chicken pox and the thumps. They were in slaved by English and got whipped and worked day out working out their sweat.



I understand that it was harsh and people didn’t have food or good facilities like proper baths, tanks, sinks, ovens or pools. They didn’t work together and nothing was achieved.


Why didn’t they have the children in jails or women and men get sent off to families and serve them? When did they become with peace with Aboriginals? 

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