My SRC Speech 2017

I can speak in front of audiences with courage and won’t get scared.I would love to be a SRC rep I love working in team with different skills and abilities. I’m mature and act like a role model to younger and older children and set an example by following rules and sharing fun and laughter around the group. I want to help people find trust in others. I will stand up for what is right and other people ideas. I will always consider everyone’s ideas I will make an effort in my activities that I do. I want to be with a community of people that can work as a team and don’t just think about themselves but other people. I’ve helped people achieve their goals. I want to join in fundraisers to help uneducated kids and adults. I’m patient and secure I will wait for an answer even if it’s bad or I don’t like I’ll consider because the choice was made by the right people. I’m responsible and you can trust me because I don’t tell lies. I will be the voice of the school speaking for what is right. You can tell me something you want to change. I will be committed respect your wishes and think outside the box and add new ideas. I will also represent the school and its values where ever I go. I’ll respect you, collaborate with other people, care about others mentally and physically,and last but not least always try to have a positive attitude, and making change that can make an impact that will help other and their learning. Thanks

Team work

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