BTN Challenge: Anniversary of Darwin Bombing


This video was on the bombing of Darwin and shipping children away. It also talked about military bases and how it happened. On the 19th of Feb 1942 Darwin was bombed by the Japanese forces. If you were a kid back in the 1940’s, the world was a very different place, but it wasn’t just the cars or the clothes. The world was at war again. Australia formed a group of allies including Britain, France, United States, China and The Soviet Union. Then fighting against Germany, Italy and Japan. The government were worried about the town and it’s military base so they evacuated more than a thousand women and children on ships. The two air raids were down and 235 died and 400 wounded. In total there were 90 air attacks. In 1945 the war ended. The harbour was also attacked twice every day. It was the biggest attack on Australian soil. 188 fighter came from Timor Sea heading for Darwin. Several ships sank including the US destroyer.


I now understand how important it was to have air forces or patrols. And how people suffered and left behind family and friends. I saw that many bombs came from the high. And it was important to have soldiers on land in the sky and in the ocean. It was also important to keep children alive. I have made paintings for celebrations to.


Why Australia start fighting against these nations? Why did they pinpoint Darwin as the bombing area? Where were children sent to and who looked after them?


Green: Facts

Red: Understanding

Blue: Questions




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