Letter to Libby!!!

Hi Guys,

I’ve been to the water park to its awesome so many rides. I went down water slides and went in a sprinkled donuts around the river and in the pirate water area, and the marshmallow jumpy thing and did archery. I went down the wild west and the massive slide the line seemed to take take years. I was running round like a made person. There were rides in every corner of your eye.


I also had a read and was lying down on the hammock. I’ve got siblings to as you know my sister Amira in grade three and Ram who’s in grade one as well as his twin Ishwar and the boy are only 20 minutes apart. I’m also on a tennis team we play every week end and a great I know slice, topspin, smash, continental grip, serving and I do a one hand back hand I also know a volley and a drop shot. Once I one a grand final and got a flag and a medal we have a meeting at the end of the season and have pizza, kebab and lollies galore and play matches against different levels and get a medal, I got the stats award.



My grandma was a teacher in art and maths in a small country town. We went to Trentham we saw our cousin and many kangaroos. My grandmas got half an acer and we play on the trampoline and on the bikes it was fun the neighbours let us in their backyard.



I love painting and drawing characters from books but love technology and using programs. My mum and

her sister did volleyball together and one trophies some for tennis to. I went to the beach at cape Patterson and got sweep by the waves and went on the bogey boards. It was so much fun the waves got really high and smashed down on us. And there was like a rock pool but all together you could fit 100 hundred of me and it was like a sea made pool and me and my family were diving in. I found a dead crab and frog. There was a massive rock and i wanted to explore so we all went down in our clothes no bathers and mom said no jumping but i couldn’t resist. And we all ended up getting soaked.




We went and saw a few movies like Moana, Middle school and sing. They were all really funny i liked in middle school all his tricks and in sing the pig and Rosetta in the shop.


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  1. That sounds like you have had a very busy holiday. Maybe you can give me some tips to help improve my tennis. I have been playing a long time but not had lessons. Maybe in your next piece of writing we can look at including some paragraph breaks to make it easier to read.

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