BTN- First Fleet and Aboriginals


These videos were about how aboriginals and English relationships. English thought that Aboriginals were animals and didn’t think they were civilized. English believed that with their medicine and building and food they were the top dogs. Because many English kid that were poor and were in slaved doing cooking, making beds and clothes and sweeping chimneys. Many children stole and then gave away whatever they could find they were then imprisoned and sailed to Australia. Not even half the convict’s survived there were very poor conditions bugs and insects crawled in with the food they made and drank their own wee. Aboriginals thought the English were invading their land and how they destroyed their culture, chopping down trees and making buildings. Aboriginals got strange diseases from the convicts like the measles, chicken pox and the thumps. They were in slaved by English and got whipped and worked day out working out their sweat.



I understand that it was harsh and people didn’t have food or good facilities like proper baths, tanks, sinks, ovens or pools. They didn’t work together and nothing was achieved.


Why didn’t they have the children in jails or women and men get sent off to families and serve them? When did they become with peace with Aboriginals? 

100 Word challenge- Camp snorkeling


As my sandals crunched against the pebbles along the sea shore, bubbles were popping inside me and sweat dripping down my face. I didn’t know what to feel all these emotions were being thrown at me. As I got my flippers on it was strange and different. I prepared my goggles and in I go. Slipping and Sliding across the rocks and being pushed at me a challenge. I dived down it was a whole new world with colour and that sensation. No waves hurling against me fish gliding around seaweed covered the floor. I jumped up I had a sense of accomplishment.

My SRC Speech 2017

I can speak in front of audiences with courage and won’t get scared.I would love to be a SRC rep I love working in team with different skills and abilities. I’m mature and act like a role model to younger and older children and set an example by following rules and sharing fun and laughter around the group. I want to help people find trust in others. I will stand up for what is right and other people ideas. I will always consider everyone’s ideas I will make an effort in my activities that I do. I want to be with a community of people that can work as a team and don’t just think about themselves but other people. I’ve helped people achieve their goals. I want to join in fundraisers to help uneducated kids and adults. I’m patient and secure I will wait for an answer even if it’s bad or I don’t like I’ll consider because the choice was made by the right people. I’m responsible and you can trust me because I don’t tell lies. I will be the voice of the school speaking for what is right. You can tell me something you want to change. I will be committed respect your wishes and think outside the box and add new ideas. I will also represent the school and its values where ever I go. I’ll respect you, collaborate with other people, care about others mentally and physically,and last but not least always try to have a positive attitude, and making change that can make an impact that will help other and their learning. Thanks

Team work

BTN Challenge: Anniversary of Darwin Bombing


This video was on the bombing of Darwin and shipping children away. It also talked about military bases and how it happened. On the 19th of Feb 1942 Darwin was bombed by the Japanese forces. If you were a kid back in the 1940’s, the world was a very different place, but it wasn’t just the cars or the clothes. The world was at war again. Australia formed a group of allies including Britain, France, United States, China and The Soviet Union. Then fighting against Germany, Italy and Japan. The government were worried about the town and it’s military base so they evacuated more than a thousand women and children on ships. The two air raids were down and 235 died and 400 wounded. In total there were 90 air attacks. In 1945 the war ended. The harbour was also attacked twice every day. It was the biggest attack on Australian soil. 188 fighter came from Timor Sea heading for Darwin. Several ships sank including the US destroyer.


I now understand how important it was to have air forces or patrols. And how people suffered and left behind family and friends. I saw that many bombs came from the high. And it was important to have soldiers on land in the sky and in the ocean. It was also important to keep children alive. I have made paintings for celebrations to.


Why Australia start fighting against these nations? Why did they pinpoint Darwin as the bombing area? Where were children sent to and who looked after them?


Green: Facts

Red: Understanding

Blue: Questions




Letter to Libby!!!

Hi Guys,

I’ve been to the water park to its awesome so many rides. I went down water slides and went in a sprinkled donuts around the river and in the pirate water area, and the marshmallow jumpy thing and did archery. I went down the wild west and the massive slide the line seemed to take take years. I was running round like a made person. There were rides in every corner of your eye.


I also had a read and was lying down on the hammock. I’ve got siblings to as you know my sister Amira in grade three and Ram who’s in grade one as well as his twin Ishwar and the boy are only 20 minutes apart. I’m also on a tennis team we play every week end and a great I know slice, topspin, smash, continental grip, serving and I do a one hand back hand I also know a volley and a drop shot. Once I one a grand final and got a flag and a medal we have a meeting at the end of the season and have pizza, kebab and lollies galore and play matches against different levels and get a medal, I got the stats award.



My grandma was a teacher in art and maths in a small country town. We went to Trentham we saw our cousin and many kangaroos. My grandmas got half an acer and we play on the trampoline and on the bikes it was fun the neighbours let us in their backyard.



I love painting and drawing characters from books but love technology and using programs. My mum and

her sister did volleyball together and one trophies some for tennis to. I went to the beach at cape Patterson and got sweep by the waves and went on the bogey boards. It was so much fun the waves got really high and smashed down on us. And there was like a rock pool but all together you could fit 100 hundred of me and it was like a sea made pool and me and my family were diving in. I found a dead crab and frog. There was a massive rock and i wanted to explore so we all went down in our clothes no bathers and mom said no jumping but i couldn’t resist. And we all ended up getting soaked.




We went and saw a few movies like Moana, Middle school and sing. They were all really funny i liked in middle school all his tricks and in sing the pig and Rosetta in the shop.


Internet Safety day reflection!

Today was safer internet day and we did a webinar about digital footprints and privacy. This webinar involved 128 counties around the world. People on the internet may not always be who they seem. People can hack into your accounts and find out private information. If you are being cyber bulled you should tell a trusted adult, report/ block them and save the evidence. Some websites you can use are the kid’s helpline and esafety. It is good to have 5 or more older people you trust. We have rights to feel safe and secure, and all have the right to be private. We can’t tell who people are online all the time.