100 word challenge/ My personal goals

100 word challenge/ My personal goals
Hi I’m Aaliyah, I think I need to improve on my split strategie I’m just not getting it. But I feel better at it in maths and that i need to record.
I think I can understand the vocabulary in my books and I can be at superior stages and understand what the meaning is. I’m now at higher levels but I need more practice at finding just right books.
In my writing I think I add more detail and context. I add and slow down the moment I need to improve the process in my writing.

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  1. Hi Aaliyah! I am excited to read your first blog post. Can you tell me what split and strategies are? Do you use them in maths? Reflecting on your learning and creating personal goals is a really important skill to learn so it is great to see you practicing it at school. Can’t wait to see more blog posts soon!

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