100 Word Challenge-Athletics day

100 word challenge-Athletics Day
For athletics day I’m doing the shuttle relay, 100m sprint and 200m sprint. I feel really pumped up and excited, I feel energetic, pumped and I just feel so excited, bubbles are pumping though my heart and blood rushing through my brain. But I also feel kind of weary and I feel butterflies in my tummy but the track is massive. It’s awesome and it’s active. And there’s so many events discus, sprinting, shot put, javelin, relays, and getting ribbons is like bonus if you get it. But it’s only once a year. It’s special.

100 word challenge/ My personal goals

100 word challenge/ My personal goals
Hi I’m Aaliyah, I think I need to improve on my split strategie I’m just not getting it. But I feel better at it in maths and that i need to record.
I think I can understand the vocabulary in my books and I can be at superior stages and understand what the meaning is. I’m now at higher levels but I need more practice at finding just right books.
In my writing I think I add more detail and context. I add and slow down the moment I need to improve the process in my writing.